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    I guess this is currently not compatible with my RLNT Weapon HUD. If you want to use this as nfcStyle you would have to make the changes yourself or wait until I update it, thanks. Studying is taking a ton of time :* LAST UPDATE: 26.09.2017 - go to the bottom for changelog Hey there Epoch-Community, in this topic, I want to release my Update Panel. This may need some longer explanation so if you are interested, read carefully. Background-Story: So I was a bit annoyed by all the vanilla functions that are currently available in ArmA 2. Everytime you just see format texts or hint boxes, sometimes even dynamic texts but still not my taste. So I decided to create a Display that is spawned by a function. It's like a modern version of hint boxes. The cool thing is that you can adjust nearly everything of it by giving the function different arguments. Due to that fact, you could easily manage all your server messages and notifications through this function to have a universal system. It's a bit confusing and ugly when you are running multiple mission systems for example and one is using text at the top of the screen and the other one directly in the middle. What features does it have: Currently, there are 9 different arguments to adjust the Update Panel to your liking. Meanwhile I made ALL arguments optional so you can leave them out. Receiver aka the Side - defines whether the Update Panel is only shown to the Client it's running on or whether it should be shown to everyone like a global message Style - At the moment there are four styles, they are different in the box style and whether it contains an image or not Background Color - Ofcourse you can also adjust the Color of the Box Font Color - Aswell as the text color Header - This is the Headline of the Update-Panel, you could use something like your server tag Line 1 - The first textline of the panel that holds up to 40 characters Line 2 - The second textline that can also hold up to 40 characters and also a good option to display a single line update panel Duration - Also you can adjust the time how long the panel will be visible to the clients Image - The second style can hold an image, here you can define the path of an image that should be displayed in the panel If you are interested in how to use all the arguments and how to make them optional, read this: RLNT GITHUB So you should be able to see that you can adjust a lot of things. And you can suggest even more. If you want another style with a different position of the panel, no problem! Also the function contains a config where you are able to set default variables in case you don't want to write so many arguments each time. Let's say you want to display all messages of your server with this panel, then you can just set the Background Color you want to use for all your panels in the config and never write this color array again. Instead you just type nil as an argument. The function will automatically recognize this and replaces the nil with the variable from the config. All currently available styles: Style 1 Style 2 Style 3 Style 4 Codeexamples: Credits: @Sp4rkY - teached me the most in sqf @iben - got the wonderful github formatting from him @He-Man - made me familiar with eventHandlers and communication between client and server @DirtySanchez - helps me to improve my scripts (performance and structur) @LordGolias - made an awesome sqf-linter for the Atom-Editor @Epoch-Discord - especially @salival @BigEgg @DirtySanchez @scuba_steve - always helpful and very patient Download and Installation: RLNT GITHUB Bugs, Issues and Suggestions: RLNT GITHUB Changelog: Click here for the Changelog with actual links if you are interested in the commits: Changelog
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    [Update] - fixed server_playersync.sqf to save coin value to db - testkit fixes
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    Epoch Mod

    Epoch Mod is currently at version 1.2. Some servers may not be using the latest version for some reason unknown. Subscribe on Steam to keep up to date. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=421839251
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    [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.5

    Most of them using hints. You can look that up here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/hint It's easy to do. It's somehow like doing a debug monitor. You can also use something like my function: But you would have to update some things yourself or wait or my update in case you want to use it and have no clue.
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