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    You should be able to figure both of those out on your own :) considering the checks for the vehicle seat position are already in the code block, it wouldn't be hard, just a matter of code placement
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    [HOW-TO] DankHax Prevention

    The problem is not the hackers. The problem is server admins being lazy. You've been given the tools to make your servers secure. SQF is great quite shitty, but it allows you to stop people from deleting your databases. You've been given BE filters which stop teleport/kill all scripts if you know how to use google. You can stop all scripters if you spend the time to learn how to. As proof of concept I quickly wrote something that should stop people from deleting your databases. I really don't know about Epochs file structure or how the deleteObj is used. I assume the server might use it for cleaning up some stuff or something, which this might block, so just implement a password for the function, so the server can delete as much stuff as needed or something. I didn't run it so might have stupid syntax error or missing semi-colons... Place under "//remove from database" in server_deleteObj.sqf // init the vars if (isNil "deleteUsers") then { deleteUsers = []; deleteTimes = []; }; // see if the user is already present _index = deleteUsers find _activatingPlayer; // if not add the user and his time to the array if (_index == -1) then { [deleteUsers, _activatingPlayer] call BIS_fnc_arrayPush; [deleteTimes, time] call BIS_fnc_arrayPush; } else { // if the user is present get the time of the last deletion _time = deleteTimes select _index; // check if the old time + 10 is more than current time if ((_time + 10) > time) exitWith { // if yes then log that the player tried to delete too often diag_log format["Player %1 tried to delete after %2 seconds", _activatingPlayer, time - _time]; } else { // if not update the delete time deleteTimes set [_index, time]; }; };
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    Aways back up your backups. Off site if possible, certainly on a different machine if not. With all the cloud storage systems available now, there is no reason not to have off site backups though.
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