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    Humanity Restriction for certain Vehicles

    What section should this be in?
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    SM_Sheds | More enterable sheds.

    DOWNLOAD TL-DR: makes 7 sheds that were not enterable, now enterable. Description: SM_Sheds is an addon that offers more enterable "sheds", all of these sheds are from ArmA 2, and have been modeled, and textured from scratch. Currently there are only 7 NEW enterable sheds, some metal, some wood. All of the sheds look almost identical to the original ones. Notes: - This addon does NOT require a buildings replacement script. - All of the non-enterable versions of the sheds have been replaced with the enterable ones. - THIS IS NOT APL-SA CONTENT Requirements: - CUP Terrains-Core For server owners: All you have to do is download this mod, and add it to the -mod= launch parameters. ClassNames: - Land_Misc_WaterStation - Land_Shed_M01 - Land_Shed_M03 - Land_Shed_W01 - Land_Shed_W02 - Land_Shed_W03 - Land_Shed_W4 All of these sheds were modeled by ComatoseBadger. Credits to those that made this addon come to life: - KamikazeXeX - ComatoseBadger
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    Humanity Restriction for certain Vehicles

    How would I go about restricting the access and use of certain vehicles based off of humanity.
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    Humanity Restriction for certain Vehicles

    in the area you posted this, people post here to tell people about mods to install and instructions and all that. for example this is appropriate post for this area. the area you are looking for is either https://epochmod.com/forum/forum/96-qa-section/ and or https://epochmod.com/forum/forum/4-general-discussion/
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    Humanity Restriction for certain Vehicles

    Your asking a question, so it would belong in the Q&A. "Questions&Answers" This is Epoch mods ready to go and be installed
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    Humanity Restriction for certain Vehicles

    general discussion is what you are looking for. this is the mods area for telling people how to install mods
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    Humanity Restriction for certain Vehicles

    Wrong section
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    Anyone know that hack?

    @theduke IP; GUID; 112754822c3a0097a3709fac5f2df71d Steam ID 76561198258721482 I think he keep coming even banned somehow my players keep dying and I had another message and he shut down the server.
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    [HOW-TO] DankHax Prevention

    Guess you didnt get the karma part lol. So ill try to make this a bit clearer for you. When you spit in the air, it falls back in your face... thats called karma. You do bad things to others in life, bad things happen to you. Thats karma... Point being is, when you get off by ruining someones hard work, because of i dont know, jealousy, or hate, or just mad your mom didnt make slap your dad for not wearing a condom.. dont matter the reason, but when you do try to ruin communities, just know you're a VERY LOW person... Same LOW as thieves that are too lazy to work for a living (i work roughly 90 hrs a week) So one day, after you fail to get a good job, because of your past biting you in the ars, or you get into a car accident, or you know, something really, really, REALLY bad happens to you... think of this convo... and remember KARMA... Karma goes both ways btw.. If you do GOOD, good things happen to you... (im working on building a business to get homeless people off the streets including veterans and handicaps, whom our GOV cares 2 cents for, someone has to) < guess what, good things are happening to me. great things for that matter... These hackers remind me of something funny.... " i started doing this to protect myself, now i just wreck communities because i can and have power and no one can stop me" Great, so now we have dayz players trying to become politicians lol so please, realize that you're only doing wrong to others who work just as hard. You want to do something worth your while, go hack a rothschild bank or something, and wipe all mortgages... now thats something to be proud of.. not hacking arma 2 dayz servers, a mod where its almost dead already lol
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    The problem is with scripts.txt line 49 (as far as I remember you take error and add 2 to it to get to the line, depends on header in your file). It does not like some of your custom code you added. Normally people should always adjust their BE filters and most of guides should cover them, too... in a perfect world. You can do as @82ndAB_Bravo17 suggested if this is a private server or just put your scripts.txt in a pastebin and post it here, someone should be able to help you with it quickly. Please understand that pretty much every server is unique and just telling us error code does not tell us which filter and script is actually causing it :)
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    Need help with New Player Check

    This would be a simple check. For example: if (PVCDZ_plr_Login select 8) then { systemChat "You are a new player"; }; It is a simple true/false.
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    Epoch 0.5 Release Changelog

    On stable branch now: 0.5 b757: [Added] "MeleeRod" (Fishing Rod) to Crafting Menu (1x Rope,1x Stick,1x Metal Scraps) @Ignatz-HeMan [Added] Vehicle and Loot tables can be set via epochconfig settings (forcedVehicleSpawnTable, forcedLootSpawnTable) to force specific vehicle or loot tables. [Changed] Removed "Alpha" text from debug monitor. [Changed] Add flag to enable database unit test. enableUnitTestOnStart = 1 in epochconfig.hpp to enable [Changed] Delete rest of unused clientside Airdrop Event code. @Ignatz-HeMan [Changed] further optimized db call for weather script. [Updated] redis-server.exe to latest version: 3.2.100 from: https://github.com/MSOpenTech/redis/releases [Fixed] some missing semicolons in CfgPricing. @SPKcoding [Fixed] Joining and leaving a group and optimize with added usage of params. @Ignatz-HeMan [Fixed] Group invites from the same Group where not possible until relog. @Ignatz-HeMan [Fixed] Heal not working when using SafeZones with VehicleGodmode and only HitPoint is damaged. @Ignatz-HeMan [Fixed] fix deleteVehicle BE kick with sharks [Fixed] CBA related Battleye kicks with current CBA version. [Fixed] Static weather settings not working. @82ndab-Bravo17 [Fixed] Battleye kicks for CUP weapon and attachment BE kicks. [Fixed] Battleye kicks for towing tractor from CUP. [Fixed] Fixed / updated and added Trader Missions and ported to run it on Events instead fsm. @Ignatz-HeMan [Fixed] Several minor fixes, cleanup, and private array updates. [Fixed] Fix for Weaponholder disappearing while adding loot. @Ignatz-HeMan [Info] SQF parser analyzer: https://www.reddit.com/r/armadev/comments/681236/released_static_analyzer_for_sqf_and_integration/ Thanks to @LordGolias
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