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  1. heh, it's an addiction, i'm trying to get rid of.
  2. DOWNLOAD TL-DR: makes 7 sheds that were not enterable, now enterable. Description: SM_Sheds is an addon that offers more enterable "sheds", all of these sheds are from ArmA 2, and have been modeled, and textured from scratch. Currently there are only 7 NEW enterable sheds, some metal, some wood. All of the sheds look almost identical to the original ones. Notes: - This addon does NOT require a buildings replacement script. - All of the non-enterable versions of the sheds have been replaced with the enterable ones. - THIS IS NOT APL-SA CONTENT Requirements: - CUP Terrains-Core For server owners: All you have to do is download this mod, and add it to the -mod= launch parameters. ClassNames: - Land_Misc_WaterStation - Land_Shed_M01 - Land_Shed_M03 - Land_Shed_W01 - Land_Shed_W02 - Land_Shed_W03 - Land_Shed_W4 All of these sheds were modeled by ComatoseBadger. Credits to those that made this addon come to life: - KamikazeXeX - ComatoseBadger
  3. What addons are you using? and have you updated your Batteye filters?
  4. Are you able to join the server and walk around?
  5. Yes, Have you tryed replacing the files with the newest version?
  6. What are the Specs of the server computer?
  7. Have you installed / removed anything from your server_functions?
  8. Have you fixed this? if not, are you using BEC, with the watch_dogs plugin?
  9. I'm hosting a DayZ OverPoch server on vilayer and i fresh installed DayZ overpoch and when i join the server without editing anything i get an error Error in expression {<> _dir = _worldspace select 0;<> if (count (_worldspace select 1) == 3) then ><> Error position:<> Error count: Type String, expected Array,Config entry<> File z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf, line 105<> and when i go into the file i see // # NOW SPAWN OBJECTS # _totalvehicles = 0; { _idKey = _x select 1; _type = _x select 2; _ownerID = _x select 3; _worldspace = _x select 4; _intentory = _x select 5; _hitPoints = _x select 6; _fuel = _x select 7; _damage = _x select 8; _dir = 0; _pos = [0,0,0]; _wsDone = false; if (count _worldspace >= 2) then { _dir = _worldspace select 0; if (count (_worldspace select 1) == 3) then { _pos = _worldspace select 1; _wsDone = true; } }; i have no idea what to do
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