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    ARMA 1.64 Update Issues

    We've had those kicks for a while, probably because we were using one of the 'performance updates' that must have incorporated the new methods. Had to turn off addweaponcargo kicks totally because it seemed to be able to happen with any items - but for some strange reason, not all the time. eg
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    [Release] HearthQuake Mission MOD

    Mission Mod for Arma2 Epoch - Tested on Epoch 1.0.6 RC1 - Dayz 1.8.8 HearthQuake Simulation Mission ALPHA 0.3.2 (is alpha , working in my server but not tested in 1.0.5.x) Description/Features Generates earthquakes around map after a time ... in the radius destroys a lot of Buildings, Spawn a loots crate and if selected (recommended) groups of AI Enemy ... It increases the difficulty of game... may happen to be in a building in the earthquake area... and die. It is not a classic mission because unknown location of crate in a radius of one km in a devasted area where there are various groups of AI is difficult to complete. HeartQuake in Random Zone with a lot of Buildings Destroyed Spawn Crate inside HQ Zone in Random Coords Spawn Some Groups of AI inside HQ Zone Player Effects HearthQuake Marker in map Ability to define HQ zone and dimension Ability to define blacklist coords Ability to define blacklist buildings Ability to define AI spawn or not AI Ability to use WAI or DZMS instead of AI included (disabled in ALPHA - can enable WAI - or DZMS working but not remove units when mission end for now) and more... AI included in mission are WAI inspired (all credits to F3cuk - https://github.com/f3cuk/WICKED-AI) Installation Server UnPbo dayz_server.pbo with pbo manager and copy inside dayz_server directory , downloaded folder HeartQuake (MOD_HEARTHQUAKE\server\Heartquake) (HearthQuake folder only) · Open init\server_functions.sqf and at the bottom add call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\HearthQuake\starter.sqf"; · Open destroy.sqf and setup center coords and radius of HearthQuake Zone, HQ can Happen Random inside this area, normally setup center of Map and Radius (half map length) Setup too coords of blacklist places and Buildings (if u want) and others settings. Open spawncrates_HQ.sqf if u want setup type and numbers of loot thst spawn in crate. · Inside folder AI open ai_spawn.sqf if u want setup groups or numbers or other about AI. · repack dayz_server folder with pbo manager dayz_server.pbo Installation Mission Open/unpbo mission folder and copy or merge if exist downloaded Sounds folder and file HearthQuakeEffects.sqf Open description.ext and add or merge class CfgSounds (inside descripton.ext downloaded) Open init.sqf and add to the bottom [] execVM ' hearthQuakeEffects.sqf'; pack/close mission folder BE FILTERS I dont use BE and the filters are not provided certainly need to add to publicvariable.txt !=" effectHQ" DOWNLOAD
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    A Man

    [Release] HearthQuake Mission MOD

    No worries mate. I saw that you took already the new weapon classnames. You missed two of them the M40A3 should be M40A3_DZ and the BAF_L85A2_RIS_Holo should be L85_Holo_DZ.
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    [Release] HearthQuake Mission MOD

    Updated to 0.3.1 correct version tnx to A MAN for test
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    GAs that Damages Zombies and AI

    @chi "zZombie_base" its default of epoch, u dont need define it.. also "Man" but "_WAIAI" its in an "external" sqf of WAI MISSIONS... like my skins variable _ai = ["Bandit1_DZ","BanditW1_DZ"]; When you add a new variable external of epoch you need to define it... so at the top of the gas sqf _WAIA = i dont know what are you trying XD but here you put whats means _WAIA ;
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    Improper animations with handguns

    Ah.. must be new feature from Bugemia
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    No the patch was to stop that happening in Epoch. It happens in other mods too where weapon holstering is a feature. Not unique to Epoch.
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    Error - Can't get ingame

    Welcome to Arma
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