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    Gracias Juan. Where is the whorehouse located at and please send link to your sound.ogg. I want to try it first before I find a pimping sound file. jajaja
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    mission.sqm convertation

    Hey Demellion, check out this PHP script I made to initially convert Epochs mission files over. Hopefully this gives you an idea of what I did to convert them. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/33964589edc063f3a76127aa630339a00d9e7cf5/Tools/PHP/ConvertMission2dto3d.php
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    [Release] Andre Safe Zones

    My solution: Go into to a3_epoch_server_settings.pbp/securtity/ and edit security_checks.h. class addEventHandler { checks[] = {"Fired","InventoryClosed","InventoryOpened","Killed","HandleDamage","HandleHeal","Dammaged","Hit","HitPart"}; delete "Fired" New Line: class addEventHandler { checks[] = {"InventoryClosed","InventoryOpened","Killed","HandleDamage","HandleHeal","Dammaged","Hit","HitPart"}; pack return to a3_epoch_server_settings.pbp/securtity/ This works for me.
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