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    Epoch 0.3.7 Release Changelog

    This version contains a change in the logic for waiting for the player object to be ready to hopefully fix the remaining issues with getting stuck at loading player inventory and a small BE scripts.txt filter update: [Fixed] Testing another method to wait for player object to be ready. [Fixed] BE kick on looting underwater Shipwreck containers. [Info] Server owners must update a3_epoch_server.pbo and mission pbo (description.ext, 'init' and 'System' folders) to apply this fix so that it is still compatible with 0.3.7 client files. https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/releases/tag/
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    Repair & Rearming script

    _servicePointClasses = ["Land_CarService_F","myaddedbuilding1","myaddedbuilding2","anotherbuilding2"]; // service point classes (can be house, vehicle and unit classes) ... do you see the problem now or do i have to point it out?
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