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    I would love a multiplier setting in the epochconfig.hpp file that allows me to control how much maintenance costs. I believe right now it's 1 Krypto per piece. maintenance_multiplier = 10; //Each piece costs 1, multiply by this value to increase maintenance costs It would give players something to spend their Krypto on right now, and force them to go out and forage for loot to sell to ensure they can pay the upkeep on their bases.
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    Tobias Solem


    Probably because modeling for ARMA is a PITA.
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    (RELEASE) Loyalty reward system

    Well if you are not a coder how can you judge this script then? It is doing exactly what it should, means it is a good script. The shite you having there is because of your debug monitor, I posted a solution for that on the first page. So rather then offend people who try to help you should better understand why is it working like it does, even if you are not a coder, by simply looking at the code you could read it or at least be thankful for the help you get here. This probably won't your last issue and they're always the same people helping here others, so better don't mess up with them ;P
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    I am not cool cool with it, but I would rather have arma 3 objects in arma 3 server, those ported objects are so damn buggy, take office building, firestations etc as an example.... I died countless times just walking down those stairs arma 3. 6 types oh houses or buildings in general? If you are talking about houses and not all building types then that's about 3 or 4 more enter-able houses than there is in A2. I can think of at least 20 plus different building types... and just because Altis is designed the way it is doesn't mean there is less vegetation and no trees, at least those tress look more realistic than those that are shaped like a triangle object xmas trees... Arma 2 objects are good for arma 2, and Arma 3 objects for Arma 3; I really hope we see more genuine arma 3 maps that don't require arma 2 objects! AiA or Cup PS: the only thing that I dislike about Arma 3 is the rocks, they are so damn glitchy comparing to A2 ones.
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    Add custom vehicles problem

    Code is probably running before epoch_server_setvtoken is compiled. Try adding a delay, or wait until !isnil "EPOCH_server_setVToken" ?
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    "I made this in like 10 minutes" You make me sick! lol, It takes me hours to make simple changes to 3 line scripts haha
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    (RELEASE) Loyalty reward system

    change the hint to something else and code it yourself: hint _msg; use https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/cutText https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/titleText or systemchat use whatever you like
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    Your launch parameters don't include @Epoch or @epochhive
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    [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.0

    Hi the old Wicked AI 1.6 - 1.7 had a mission with this in I have attached the file this may help you
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    you are right. i have tested the original code and i can open every vault. i changed this _chanceSafe = 95; //chance on Safe to fail in % use only values between 0 - 100 _chanceLockbox = 90; //chance on Lockbox to fail in % use only values between 0 - 100 to this _chanceSafe = 5; //chance on Safe to fail in % use only values between 0 - 100 _chanceLockbox = 10; //chance on Lockbox to fail in % use only values between 0 - 100 and now i need ~15 attempts to open one safe
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    Ran client side this should be enough: "Epoch_Sapper_F" call EPOCH_unitSpawn; If from the server only: [["unitSpawn", "Epoch_Sapper_F"], (owner _target)] call EPOCH_sendPublicVariableClient;
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    how do you get red text bec

    My question is: What does BIS have to do with BEC? Did they obtain the rights to the software? BEC does not equal BattlEye. Nor does BIS equal BattlEye or BEC.
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    how do you get red text bec

    you can always try to get a petition online on the bis forums... im sure this is something more people would like to see... EDIT: alright guys... i made a post there... now go and support it ^^ LINK
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    Title says it all. Anyone wanna help me take a crack at it? We would be releasing the edits once we get it working. Update 5/21 - This is now working on locked vehicles. Replace your surveiller_conditions_actions_menu.sqf file contents with this: Thanks, Halv!
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    Remove Ammo from Vehicles?

    _this setvehicleammo .5;
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    Everyone should just have AiA at this point, especially if you play Epoch. A lot of maps use it, like Richie said there's not a lot of objects and buildings in stock arma 3, and a lot of people still like some arma 2 assets.
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    Anti Glitch

    add this right before the line //No Superman Prone near Epoch Buildables //No Prone near Epoch Buildables if (_dikCode in(actionKeys "Prone") then{ _buildcount = count (player nearObjects ["Const_All_Walls_F", 2]); if (_buildcount > 0) then{ hint "No Prone Next to Walls! Anti Glitch Activated!"; _handled = true; }; }; That should work fine. have limited it to within 2m of the wall.
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    Searching a group

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    Unzip this into your Arma3 directory and copy the key into your server key folder (as well as leaving in the @asm folder): https://www.dropbox.com/s/lc4n5672li6o3lh/%40asm.rar?dl=0 I use the normal asm.pbo in the @epochhive folder to monitor my server and the @asm to monitor my hc on the same server.
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    Forum reinstall complete

    The forum was just re-installed to ensure that everything was clean and functioning correctly.
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    I've had to alter my start up batch script to delay the start of the headless client by 60 seconds after the server starts (previously I had the HC start up before the server) otherwise the server crashes every restart with EpochServer.dll listed as the reason for the crash. That is using Epoch and Arma 3 1.44v2 latest crash .rpt: http://pastebin.com/kt44Dmmq
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    Message passed on, Awols fixing it now, future updates won't have it :)
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    OK, after recognizing, that the vehicles purchased from this trader are falling from the air, I added some debugging output and saw, that the trader was spawning the vehicle on the nearest heilpad. However, the location from the helipad is 90m in the air... a3_epoch_server_settings.pbo => configs => maps => bornholm.h change { "Land_HelipadCircle_F",{ 14152.4,11356.6,92.9393},0.100796 } to { "Land_HelipadCircle_F",{ 14152.4,11356.6,0.00000},0.100796 } Problem solved. However, how to communicate this to the epoch team? Do you see this here? :) BR Rob
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    Dayz style heli crash sites

    I disagree. The smoke from these can be seen from almost 2k away. Half the fun of these is going looking for them. If you put a marker on the map that will just spoil it. Plus, if you have markers all over the map for these, markers for AI missions, plant spawns, loot containers on the coast.....when you pull up the map it's just going to get cluttered and look like ass. Just my 2 cents.
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    Titan launcher won't lock on target

    wow what a duchebag. Can you be more pretentious? Seriously, this is a mod based on a MILITARY SIMULATOR. If you don't like that fact, then IDK what to tell you. Oh and by the way, DayZ (which epoch was based upon) had blocked out all militarized vehicles and "too op" weapons completely by overriding their classes in the config.bin file. DayZEpoch was one of the first major DayZ mods that opened this all up for us to play with. There was another, forget the name but it was poorly implemented. Hell, that's one of the reasons I stuck around with epoch when it first came out. None of the other mods allowed admins the amount of control over their own server like epoch did. So get off your high horse and try to understand that people may want to play this game a bit more differently than you do and quit trying to stifle creativity!
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    Titan launcher won't lock on target

    How about this, what if you just ignore posts like this, that contains questions about weapons and attack vehicles on epoch servers? Im pretty sure the server admin is entitled to add whatever he/she wants to his/her server....And HEY....WHO KNOWS, maybe someone actually want to play on an EPOCH server with the stuff EPOCH has to offer. And at the same time have fun with more weapon types than Ruger, MX, MK and Lynx? Ever tought about that before you post these arrogant replies on every topic that contains servers with "nonstandard" epoch objects? Nobody is forcing you to assist or guide people to the right direction on everything beeing posted here, you can freely just ignore it and move over to help what interrests YOU. I can see countless replies from you regarding this and its starting to annoy me alittle. Thank You in advance Greez Moody
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    I ended up reverting to a loot crate in the clone room to guarantee first time spawners being able to pickup a loadout.
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    Bike,Quad,Mosqito Crafting Script

    your info and comments are as useful as herpes.
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    Napf secrets ?

    Look what I found people: I FOUND AT LEAST FOUR CAVES ON THE NAPF MAP. CAVE #1: CAVE #2: CAVE#3: CAVE#4: (you have to crawl to get in this one) Shhhhh..... it's a secret
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