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How do you play after playing a 1.0.7 server?

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How do I play a after letting DayZ Launcher install 1.0.7?   I downloaded 1062 and replaced the @DayZ_Epoch directory but when I join a server I get "You where kicked off the game."

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I have been playing Epoch servers till 1.0.7 came out, and figured out two ways to skin the cat.

The manual way: Figure out what mods the server you want to join has, and start up arma 2 OA in steam, hit expansions and load the same mods in the right order that the server is looking for. Epoch will always be last. Then manually join the server through multiplayer in game with the IP address and port number. This way is least preferred, and painful.

Second way: There is a .bat file floating around that you can customise (Or write your own) that will emulate DZLauncher. You put in your folder/mod paths and server details into it once in edit, then you can connect to that server as easily as DZLauncher does. 

Usually however, DZLauncher not supporting the mod anymore leads to the servers demise due to no new players joining it.  

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