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1.31 DB results in a black screen with 1.32

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As said is there a way to adept the DB from 1.31 to 1.32

With a clean DB on 1.32 no problems , but when we use the 1.31 DB its just a black screen just before entering the game

tried a nice abort and shutdown on the DB and restart but no avail


Hope there a solution


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 4:35:12 "Epoch: Loading storage"
 4:35:12 Error in expression <ld",false]];
_vectordirup = [_vectordir,_vectorup];

if (count _pos == 2) then{>
 4:35:12   Error position: <_vectorup];

if (count _pos == 2) then{>
 4:35:12   Error count: Undefined variable in expression: _vectorup
 4:35:12 File epoch_server\compile\epoch_vehicle\EPOCH_load_storage.sqf..., line 53


After removing all storage (tipi shelfs gunsafe etc) , simple login at 1.32

with all (whole DB intact) on 1.31 no problem ???  , yet on 1.32 its ...black screen


Finaly found it one item from the early days

["StorageShelf_EPOCH",[270.397,[12460.1,15208.1,0.000717163]],0,[[]  sort of way back 'pointing where'

Error gone all is fine




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