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[solved] no light with epoch light

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hello, i have a question, on the airfield there is 2 Land_LampAirport_F who doesn't light and with the adminmenu, i can delete this 2 Land_LampAirport_F ....

can you tell me in which file i can activate this Land_LampAirport_F ...

the street light on all the map is working but all light i add inside epoch_server_settings\config\maps\Altis.h doesn't work 



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{ "Land_Campfire_F", { 6183.06, 16843.3, 0.0350647 }, 359.996, false }

The "false" means, the simulation will not be disabled. So use false for lights, buildings with animated doors, fireplaces and other elements, that needs simulation.

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