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Help with reddis


So first time installing Epoch.  Have a lot of time in Exile mod have ran and set those up a lot.  I can start the server and it loads up arma and gives me game started.  I can load in but get stuck at a black screen can’t hear anything. This tells me that I’m not connecting to this reddis database that I know nothing about.  Could I possibly get some one to get on discord with me and I can give you access to this server to have you look over the install. I have been at this issue for 3 weeks scouring the web and videos no luck.   


Any help will be appricated.  

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Sorry to hear you are having such troubles, and that it's been 3 weeks. If you join the discord and ask for help, there will be someone around to help you.

I will say though, the server should still start and you should be able to connect and play - even if redis isnt connecting to the server (it's happened to me several times).....on server restart however you will notice that nothing has been saved, not your characters data nor vehicle spawns etc.

That being said, also please make sure that you are running the most up to date server & client files and that you have followed the installation, which as you mention, is somewhat similar to exile.

Before the 1.0 release there were some occasional black screen errors preventing log in, but they have since been resolved so it's worth checking you have up to date files as the 1.0 release was around approx 3-4 weeks ago so you may have some old files still in there, its gotta be worth checking. Also, if you have installed any non default scripts or addons its worth checking those to make sure they are still compatible with 1.0, and have been installed correctly.

Server files can be gotten from here :


Also check your server is running the latest client files which you can get from Steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=421839251

Link for Discord :



I have also just noticed you posted in another thread that was having a similar problem as you, did you see his edit and solution, and have you checked your server for the same?

EDIT: Array in admin menu was not correct enclosed. now I got it running. 

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