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vbawol Release Bugs


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  • [FIXED] fixed model and texture paths for desert tent
  • [FIXED] fixed weaponholders configs for tents, etc.
  • [ADDED] 5+ humanity gain from killing zeds, -10 for gutting and +20 for exchanging zombie parts for biomeat.

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First of all: Good work :)


I noticed a few things regarding the traders:


1. where is one supposed to place the vehicles at the airplane trader up in the north east ? I dont see a helipad or something.

2. the same as 1 goes for the trader at the nw airfield

3. the traders at the nw airfield ( the two to the left ) are trying to walk into the center of the market place

4. isn't it a bit to much fiddeling with all those categories for cars ? I mean it is great for buying but it lacks comfort for selling in my opinion.



5. i also find a lot of following entries in my logfiles:

"Server: Network message 28cc57a is pending"

Someone has an idea on that one ?


Edit 2:

The point number 5 maybe has something todo with my super low debug fps ( its around 2 ). I dont know whats causing this.


And i found a real error i guess here:

17:19:31   Error Zero divisor
17:19:31 File ca\modules\functions\arrays\fn_findNestedElement.sqf, line 72
17:19:33 Error in expression <yFunc;

if (!_found) then {_path resize ((count _path) - 1)};

17:19:33   Error position: <resize ((count _path) - 1)};

So long :)

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