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  1. Vehicles in my server blow up instantly and don't kill the people inside when they hit objects like metal doors, plot poles, hay bales, and wire fencing. I also have waypoints set to show but they dont when you set a waypoint. They only show when you are flying a helicopter. Any ideas?
  2. Solved, had him run the game with the OA beta launcher, worked like a charm.
  3. I have a friend who cannot stay in a server that has any scripts installed (might just be the tow script alone) without getting booted to the player screen that displays the name of the soldier you are playing and a disconnect option. This boots him without any error or trace of an error. He has uninstalled and reinstalled Arma 2, OA, and Epoch. He does not have regular dayZ installed. The weird thing is though, he can join a Vanilla epoch server without scripts but if it has one (I think the tow script by itself or all scripts in general) he gets thrown to that screen. I think it may be due to his client not being able to communicate with the servers that have the scripts and therefore cannot download them so they reject his client when he is in-game finally. Any clues or ideas as to how he can fix this? I've done extensive googling to try and work it out. I'll be on monitoring this thread for a while and responding when I can, ask questions and I'll get answers. -Thanks
  4. Not be a bandit and become a hero and land at Olsha?
  5. Back on topic: It would be easy to deal with them by simply locking your server and setting up either a E-mail in the server info or advertising here. Thats how I do it and we have a flow of around 13-30 players at times.
  6. I think that model fires a .50BMG HB which is high ballistics which are also explosive rounds. Imagine Cherno after a convoy of these.
  7. Morality is humanity. Sex is Gender.
  8. Nice idea, bout time I dusted off old sony vegas. I'll give it a try.
  9. I believe they can be vaulted over but this is a good idea.
  10. We found the lock/unlock feature for it, it is located under the cargo bay of the plane along with repair/salvage and cargo check.
  11. Our plot poles cannot be removed either, having to remove them in database for players who have died. I don't have any custom base building scripts.
  12. Simple, if you run a PVE hive then you have no issues with basing at a airfield or using it as storage in the outskirts of the map.
  13. As title says, I spent three days collecting 400 gold to learn that anyone could take the plane and crash it. Also the cargo space holds 2 weapons 0 backpacks and 20 items .-.
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