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Delete ai patrol on mission complete


Trying to figure out how to make the ai patrols delete on mission complete on the DZMS that BetterDeadThanZed did. 

This is whats int the mission..

//Spawn patrol
_patrol = ["patrol"] call DZMSGetVeh;
[_coords,[(_coords select 0) + 30, (_coords select 1) + 30, 0],150,2,_patrol,31] call DZMSVehiclePatrol;


End of mission

diag_log text format["[DZMS]: Major SM1 %1 Mission has Ended.", _missName];
deleteMarker "DZMSMajMarker";
deleteMarker "DZMSMajDot";


trying to add in delete of patrol veh as soon as the mission ends


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