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  1. how can you add above and below player icon hero or bandit kills and zed kills? as icons
  2. how do the patrol vehicles delete once the mission is over?
  3. how do the patrol vehicles delete once the mission is over? They just drive around after its over. Even if you shot the driver the vehicle doesn't blow up either

  4. how would you add animals to this? it works on zeds but was wondering for hunter kill payout for hunting each type of wild animals private ["_zed","_killer","_kills","_array","_type","_humanity"]; _array = _this select 0; _zed = _array select 0; _killer = _array select 1; _type = _this select 1; if (local _zed) then { _kills = _killer getVariable[_type,0]; _killer setVariable[_type,(_kills + 1),true]; //increase players humanity when zed killed _humanity = _killer getVariable["humanity",0]; _humanity = _humanity + 1; _killer setVariable["humanity",_humanity,true]; //Zombie kill award _killCash = _killer getVariable["cashMoney",0]; _killer setVariable["cashMoney",(_killCash + 100),true]; "Zombie Bounty Reward $100" call dayz_rollingMessages; };
  5. OSMOX

    just wondering if it was possable to add to this '

    //EASTERN AK-47 S 
    class Category_101 {
    class AK_47_S {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] = {5600,"Coins"};sell[] = {1000,"Coins"};};
    class 30Rnd_762x39_AK47 {type = "trade_items";buy[] = {300,"Coins"};sell[] = {10,"Coins"};};

        //bank ai code
        _cash = round(random 10) * 200;
        _unit setVariable["CashMoney",_cash ,true];


    add random price  on the buy[] = {5600,"Coins"} and add random cost up %

    1. Zupa


      YOu cant do that in the configs. You would need to do that in the actual code.

  6. Trying to figure out how to make the ai patrols delete on mission complete on the DZMS that BetterDeadThanZed did. This is whats int the mission.. //Spawn patrol _patrol = ["patrol"] call DZMSGetVeh; [_coords,[(_coords select 0) + 30, (_coords select 1) + 30, 0],150,2,_patrol,31] call DZMSVehiclePatrol; End of mission diag_log text format["[DZMS]: Major SM1 %1 Mission has Ended.", _missName]; deleteMarker "DZMSMajMarker"; deleteMarker "DZMSMajDot"; trying to add in delete of patrol veh as soon as the mission ends
  7. I still use your patrol script and was wondering how would you add a patrol code that would delete the current patrol once the mission is completed for dzms.. The patrol just roams after mission completed and despawns mission building.


    1. BetterDeadThanZed


      I haven't run an A2 Epoch server for years. I couldn't even begin to guess. I've forgotten most of what I had learned in A2 Epoch.

    2. OSMOX


      ok .. I was using your patrol script but renamed it made it spawn in static weapons in missions. but couldn't figure out how to have the patrol and statics delete upon mission complete

  8. anyone option to prevent ai shooting military warfare buildings in missions? It only happens when ai on static using launcher/grenade launcher/tank barrel.
  9. OSMOX

    r3f towing locked

    just wondering if a fix for towing locked vehicles with r3f? looked at the fixes for 1.05 but the server monitor is a bit different and didn't work
  10. how do i put vip classes below req classes on the class selection window
  11. free always been lame.. oh well
  12. Any chance acr will be in one of thise 1.06 version? or have a version with acr for those who have it?
  13. how can i get MAP_phone_box to store coins... i had it when coins got stored in db. Any way to get this to work?
  14. How would you make the ai coords random within 500 meters of mission radius ? //Usage: [_coords, count, skillLevel, unitArray] [[(_coords select 0) + 25,(_coords select 1) + 5,0],3,27,"DZMSUnitsMajor"] call DZMSAISpawn27;
  15. how would u add number of AI left in a mission on the map marker? dzms
  16. anyone know why when u spawn ur locked car and if u shot it 1-3 times it blows up.. But if u unlock it first and shot it its fine?
  17. for ai not to have backpacks should it be like this // These are the backpacks that can be assigned to AI units. DZMSPacklist = [ "" ];
  18. not sure why this new version dont work but the old one did... i put the folder in mission main did the init.sqf. part but nothing show up in game. i downloaded the new version from here https://www.dropbox....mba_v2a.7z?dl=0
  19. Ship base working on my dayz overpoch server.... http://imgur.com/b5i09en,DeOx0vX,jA2ScSw,0TQmYf5#0
  20. Just wondering if there is a better way for missions distance so my 12 missions dont over lap .. seldom they do but was wondering i have 780 military operation missions between all maj and minor
  21. shot one bullet after u unlock ur veh when u get it out of the garage. Just odd.
  22. anyone have an issue when you get ur veh from the garage and unlock it then shot the veh and it blows up?
  23. not sure if u still looking but i have this dzmsaispawn.sqf where i have my coins for the ai and works just fine no issues same for wai //Lets spawn the unit _unit = _unitGroup createUnit [_aiskin, [(_position select 0),(_position select 1),(_position select 2)], [], 10, "PRIVATE"]; //Make him join the correct team [_unit] joinSilent _unitGroup; //Add the behaviour _unit enableAI "TARGET"; _unit enableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _unit enableAI "MOVE"; _unit enableAI "ANIM"; _unit enableAI "FSM"; _unit setCombatMode "RED"; _unit setBehaviour "COMBAT"; //bank _cash = round(random 10) * 50; // number between 0 and 20 000 // Soul Hive _unit setVariable["CashMoney",_cash ,true]; //Remove the items he spawns with by default removeAllWeapons _unit; removeAllItems _unit;
  24. If you coded it correctly, you could make a simple one in two files. DZMSAddMinMarker.sqf and DZMSAddMajMarker.sqf. Or you could write a function to add to DZMSFunctions.sqf and call it from each mission. How would you add it to the markers vamp?
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