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Problem with multiple BEC

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Aloha all

I have a Problem with my 2nd server i cant run bec and i dont know why

1st server Port 2302 bec runs fine    BEC Port is 2302 runs

2nd server Port 2312 bec wont connect but it create a new becserver_active blabla.cfg   BEC Port i try 2312,13,14,15,22 and 2309



IP =
Port = 2312               <-Serverport
BePath = C:\Arma\a2epochpve\instance_11_Chernarus\BattlEye\
Admins = Admins.xml
Commands = Commands.xml
Ban = 3
ConsoleHeight    = 30
ConsoleWidth    = 60
Scheduler = Scheduler.xml
KickLobbyIdlers    = 400
ChatChannelFiles = True
Timeout = 100
#User = alfred
#Password = 123456



RConPassword xxxxxxx
RConPort 2309
MaxPing 500


windows root server


maybe someone have an Idea

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I have these lines in the approperate BEC config.cfg files to identify the 2 different servers.  Use whatever different names you are running your servers as.

ServerExeName = Cher01_arma2oaserver.exe

ServerExeName = Cher02_arma2oaserver.exe


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