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[Tutorial] Editing cfgCrafting.hpp (Epoch Crafting V2)

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Video tutorial that covers editing new crafting menu configs in an upcoming patch. Please note that any current custom cfgCrafting edits you have for old system will break the server and requires to be updated.

Hoping to see some cool releases from you guys!



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    • By Suppe
      This is just an example, not a HowTo !!!

      What is cfgCrafting ?
      - Players can craft Items, Magazines, Vest or Guns.

      - cfgCraftinglist by GBR Suppe (Custom Part is marked in the cfgCrafting.hpp)

      - Add the cfgCrafting.hpp in your epoch.Mission
      - Add to your description.ext: #include "cfgCrafting.hpp"
      Install optional:

      - Craft a Backpack, Vehicle or Objekt dont work ! Only Items,Guns,Vests or Magazines are craftable !
      - For an example ingame: Double click on ItemScrap or ElectronicComponent.

      In this Craftlist are:
      NVGs =    ItemScraps 1 + Binocular 1 + ElectronicComponent 1 + near Fire

      optic_LRPS = ItemScraps 2 + Binocular 1 + near Fire
      optic_tws = ItemScraps 2 + Rangefinder 1 + ElectronicComponent 1 + near Fire

      Vest 10 = Pelt_EPOCH 1 + ItemRope 1
      Vest 30 = Pelt_EPOCH 2 + ItemRope 2 + ItemScraps 1 + near Fire
      Vest 39 = Pelt_EPOCH 2 + ItemRope 2 + ItemCorrugated 1 + near Fire

      - Binoculars and Rangefinder must be in the inventory, not equipped.

      Tutorial by Tactical Anders:

      Thanks to Tactial Anders :D
      GBR Suppe
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