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Found 18 results

  1. Hello Epoch forums! I was working on a custom crafting system when I found Raymix's Emerald Interiors. I really liked what he had in his system but saw that he was no longer working on it or updating it. My system had a menu but didn't have many items in it so I talked to him about using his item lists and bringing out an in depth crafting system with tons of items. Where my old system had 77 items, and his had 193, this new system has over 550! The name of this mod came from a couple users asking how in the world can you make a bed out of a Ruby and someone said Alchemy! So what does this add that other systems do not? An easy to use interface that also includes a preview function so players can tell the difference between MAP_Misc_Well and Land_Misc_Well_C before they run out and scavenge materials to make them. I also tried to add realistic ingredient and tool lists to most items but for most of the misc or small items I went with just a gemstone and/or gold costs. The main reason I added the extra costs was to limit players from having hundreds of these items all over the map as they do save to the database like Epoch craftables. I wanted this to be something more for player's to work towards. On our server we have a rather large Sector B mission that unfolds in three stages and the rewards at the end include gemstones. While we have a gem trader to buy and sell the gems it seemed like a waste to have nothing else to do with the gemstones. Demonstration Videos: Where I live is very loud with traffic and outside noise so they have music instead of me talking. If you don't care for heavy metal you may want to mute your speakers :) This video is of v1.3 so there are many more items included now but I kept the general categories for each gemstone the same. Demo of the menu system itself: I re-purposed an old UAV script I had written a while back for vanilla Arma 2 for the preview function Installation guide: PLEASE DO NOT SKIP THE CONFLICTS SECTION! Multiple people in this thread have run into issues with certain parts of my script causing problems for other scripts like Snap Pro and Deploy anything and the fixes are currently listed in the conflicts sections. UPDATE! Added more conflict resolutions including one for Zupa's single currency. Assumptions in this guide: You have a basic understanding of scripting for Arma2. You are familiar with using custom files and overriding values via script. If you do not use any of the listed below files you will need to use Google to find out how to unpack your pbos and utilize these custom files. STEP 1. Create a folder in your mission folder called custom if you do not already have one. Download the attached file, (Buildables.zip). Unzip and place the Buildables folder into your custom folder. Buildables.zip STEP 2. Changes you need to make to your files: Antihack edits: If you do not use BE filters you can skip STEP 2.d and if you do not use Infistar Antihack you can skip STEP 2.e. Step 2.d keeps players from being kicked when they attempt to create an item with box in it's name. Step 2.e will allow your admins to use Infistar's base delete tool to remove items crafted with this system as well as the Epoch items. You are now ready to get crafting! User guide: Item categories you can craft: Notes on possible conflicts with the included files: class HOGSListBox { access = 0; type = 5; w = 0.4; h = 0.4; rowHeight = 0; colorText[] = {1,1,1,1}; colorDisabled[] = {1,1,1,0.25}; colorScrollbar[] = {1,0,0,0}; colorSelect[] = {0,0,0,1}; colorSelect2[] = {0,0,0,1}; colorSelectBackground[] = {0.95,0.95,0.95,1}; colorSelectBackground2[] = {0.95,0.95,0.95,1}; colorBackground[] = {0,0,0,0.3}; soundSelect[] = {"",0.1,1}; arrowEmpty = "#(argb,8,8,3)color(1,1,1,1)"; arrowFull = "#(argb,8,8,3)color(1,1,1,1)"; class ScrollBar { color[] = {1,1,1,0.6}; colorActive[] = {1,1,1,1}; colorDisabled[] = {1,1,1,0.3}; shadow = 0; thumb = "\ca\ui\data\ui_scrollbar_thumb_ca.paa"; arrowFull = "\ca\ui\data\ui_arrow_top_active_ca.paa"; arrowEmpty = "\ca\ui\data\ui_arrow_top_ca.paa"; border = "\ca\ui\data\ui_border_scroll_ca.paa"; }; style = 16; font = "Zeppelin32"; shadow = 2; sizeEx = 0.03921; color[] = {1,1,1,1}; period = 1.2; maxHistoryDelay = 1; autoScrollSpeed = -1; autoScrollDelay = 5; autoScrollRewind = 0; }; my dialogs.hpp I also have redefined a custom dayz_spaceInterrupt in my Crafting_Compiles.sqf. That section of code is necessary as it not only allows players to spin the item in small increments using the 1 & 3 keys but it also captures any key presses that then trigger the Preview menu to close and return to the main crafting screen. Without that code, any player using the Preview will have to log out if they hit ESC or Backspace as it will simply close out the dialog buttons that allow them to Return and leave them staring at the item. I do not use Plot for Life so I do not know what may or may not conflict with that addon while using this addon. My system does utilize a custom player_build and does check for plot poles so if you are using that plot pole addon you may need to edit the custom_builds.sqf. I have not tested the below code but it was submitted by StiflersM0m as a fix for plotforlife. I included it here as a quick ref for anyone reading this first before immediately downloading. Thank you to stiflersM0M and emwilsh for the heads up on Snap Pro. Thank you also to Stranger for pointing out a couple typos that might have hemmed some of you up. If you are using Snap Pro system you can integrate my system with that one by opening my Crafting_Compiles.sqf and deleting the dayz_spaceinterrupt function from the bottom of that file. This function starts on line 256. Delete everything from line 256 to the end of the file. Then navigate to custom\Snap_Pro\dayz_spacensterrupt.sqf and open that file. You will need to add GlobalPreviewVariable = 1; into the empty space on line 3. And near the very bottom, you need to add // num 1 or 3 above qwerty if (_dikCode == 0x02) then { AAC_1 = true; }; if (_dikCode == 0x04) then { AAC_3 = true; }; just BEFORE\ABOVE the line _handled I disabled the functionality of the 2 button for now as what I wanted it to do isn't working. Adding those two things to Raymix's dayz_spaceinterrupt.sqf will stop the conflicts between the two systems. If you are using the Deploy Anything script, Epoch forums user Calamity has worked up a fix that will allow my script to work with it. Please see for the correct format. If you would like to add the detach with F like in Snap Pro,The Hound posted this reply on page six: For anyone who has snap pros space interrupt and wants the F key function from it in this here is the custom_build http://pastebin.com/Sx3BK5TC. Thank you to Zupa for making a combined defines.hpp that eliminates the conflict between his mods and this one. Just delete my crafting_defines.hpp, remove #include "custom\Buildables\Crafting_Defines.hpp" from your description.ext and replace his defines.hpp with the one in the above link. If you find any other addons that conflict with this one please let me know and I will add them to this section. I may not have the time to test out or work out a fix but I will include any issues and fixes that you guys come up with in this section. Known Issues: NEW! HOW TO ADD NEW CATEGORIES! I spent a lot of time on the offsets for these items to ensure that the item was at a good distance from the player, but if you find something that could be better, please post the item and offset below. Many items that are grouped together have similar offsets and I did that to cut out a few thousand lines of code from the MT_Defines.hpp. In some cases this means an item may be a little closer or further than what would be perfect, but when you look at everything in the group it makes sense to that group. In some cases like the Topaz items, many items have their own definitions. I have been running this on a Cherno server with just Epoch as well as an Origins Epoch server that just used the Origins map and vehicles without issues. If you do find you are having trouble with this on another map, just let me know and I will do what I can to help you out. It works with edited BE filters and Infistar and is working on both of the above servers with I also had this previously running under and Now that I've tested it out quite a bit I wanted to give v3.3 to the community and hope other people can get some use out it. Thank you guys for any feedback you can give and if you find an issue or mistake in this guide, please let me know! Thank you to: Maca for his Right Click script: http://epochservers.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=13 Raymix for Emerald Interiors that made me realize that I didn't have to settle on just 10 items in a menu list from maca's right click script vbawol for all his awesome work on getting Epoch out there in the first place [GOM] Simbo for helping me test this out and getting a lot of the earlier bugs out of the way. [AFLA] Rick Grimes for helping me test this out on other maps and getting the delete sorted. [OG] Kenshinz and everyone at Origins Gaming Server for helping to test this in a live environment. You can find my system currently running on his server at : EDITED!: Buildables_Experimental.zip If you have read through page 7 of this thread and are interested in the updated version here it is. Please follow my instructions above and do not download this file if you haven't read the post where I talk about it. This is an experimental build and has not been tested.
  2. For a while now I have wanted to put together an addon that makes available additional storage containers and, in the future, other craftable items like heli pads, additional lights and so forth. To that end, and with quite a lot of help from Grahame, I offer V 0.1 of Extended Base Objects for Epoch. It offers a variety of additional storage containers and an easy method for installation. Installation: download from my github here: https://github.com/Ghostrider-DbD-/EB4E Subscribe on Steam here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1475332817 Unpack your mission.pbo using PBO manager or its equivalent. Copy all files from the mapname.epoch folder to the folder created by unpacking your mission. Repack your mission. Copy @EB4E to the same folder containing @Epoch and @epochhive on your server. Copy the key found in @EB4E\Key to the \keys folder on your server. Add "EB4E" to the -mods="@Epoch;blahblah;" parameter for server startup. Players can subscribe to the mod here: https://github.com/Ghostrider-DbD-/EB4E
  3. Another item added to EpochCore client-side in 1.1 is a Large Workbench - using the ARMA model for a steel work table with drawers and a vice. Here is the code for placing them and a suggestion (and code) for actually making use of them to provide greater flexibility in crafting for your players. Installation Instructions (1) Add the large workbench "kit" to your loot tables and trader price lists. The class name is KitWorkbenchLarge (2) Add the following to epoch_config/Configs/CfgItemInteractions.hpp: class KitWorkbenchLarge : Item_Build_base { buildClass = "WorkbenchLarge_SIM_EPOCH"; }; (3) Add the following to epoch_config/Configs/CfgBaseBuilding.hpp: class WorkbenchLarge_EPOCH : Default { removeParts[] = {{"KitWorkbenchLarge",1}}; GhostPreview = "WorkbenchLarge_Ghost_EPOCH"; staticClass = "WorkbenchLarge_EPOCH"; simulClass = "WorkbenchLarge_SIM_EPOCH"; }; class WorkbenchLarge_SIM_EPOCH : WorkbenchLarge_EPOCH { removeParts[] = {}; }; class WorkbenchLarge_Ghost_EPOCH : WorkbenchLarge_SIM_EPOCH {}; So, those minor changes will allow you to build a large workbench from a kit and then utilize it within Epoch's crafting system. All further changes will be made to epoch_config/Configs/CfgCrafting.hpp. Let's start our examination of that with the crafting of the large workbench itself. The crafting system in Epoch is really nice, quite simple (though it can look imposing at first glance) and very flexible. Basically it comprises parts and kits that are built from them and allows the specification of either things (water or fire) or objects to be nearby in order to build the kit. For the building of the large workbench you will need to add the following new entry: class KitWorkbenchLarge : Kit { recipe[] = {{"PartPlankPack",8},{"ItemCorrugatedLg",2},{"ItemPipe",2},{"ItemCorrugated",2},{"VehicleRepair",1}}; nearby[] = {{"Workbench","","workbench",{1,{"WorkBench_EPOCH","WorkbenchLarge_EPOCH"}},3,1,0,1}}; model = "\A3\Structures_F_Heli\Furniture\Workbench_01_F.p3d"; previewPosition[] = {0.8,1,0.27}; previewScale = 0.15; previewVector = 0; }; This entry illustrates nicely the configuration for a craftable item. Let's look at a few lines in it starting with the recipe[]. This specifies which items are needed to build the kit, in this case 8 lumber packs, 2 large salvage metal, two pipes, two small salvage metals and a vehicle repair parts (for the vice). In order to show the Large Workbench as a buildable from these individual items in the crafting menu you need to add the Large Workbench to their entries' usedin[] array, for example: Okay, at this point you can click on any of these parts and a Large Workbench will be shown as a possible recipe for the part. Now let's look at the nearby[] array in the Large Workbench's crafting definition. This specifies things that are needed nearby in order to complete the crafting, in this case: nearby[] = {{"Workbench","","workbench",{1,{"WorkBench_EPOCH","WorkbenchLarge_EPOCH"}},3,1,0,1}}; Now, reading the very handy comment at the head of CfgCrafting.hpp shows what each part of this line means: USAGE: nearby[] = { { "Fire", //Name of field, anything "", //image folder path (ie "\x\addons\a3_epoch_code\Data\UI\crafting\"), empty for Epoch default "fire", //image prefix, suffix will be added by code. 2 possible suffixes: [_true.paa, _false.paa] {1,{"ALL"}}, //ARRAY of p3D {0,{"filename.p3d","filename.p3d"}} or ARRAY of logic classes {1,{"AIR","LAND","className"}} or 2 WorldInteractions check {2,{"water"}} Integer to switch array mode 3, //distance to check in meters 1, //count 1, //BOOL: object has to be on fire 0 //BOOL: object has to be alive (not destroyed) }; }; So you can see in the nearby[] array for Large Workbenches that it needs either a standard Epoch workbench or a large workbench itself within 3m of the player in order to build one. You can have as many requirements as you want in that list including categories defined in epoch_config/Configs/CfgEpochClient/WorldInteractions.hpp like "Water" or "Tree" or ... "bankTerminal" Now you can craft a Large Workbench and then build it, you can now use the fact you have one to make crafting just a little more immersive by, for example, only allowing small things to be crafted with a standard Epoch workbench and requiring a large workbench for more complicated or larger buildables. For example, let's say we leave buckets of mortar as being able to be crafted on a small one. You probably also want to allow your to craft them on a large one as well so you would have both items in the nearby[] array for them: class MortarBucket : Item { usedIn[] = {"KitFoundation","KitCinderWall","KitHesco3","KitCinderFloor","KitCinderHalfFloor","KitCinderQuarterFloor","KitCinderTower","KitSandbagWall","KitSandbagWallLong","KitBagBunker","KitWaterPump","KitWell"}; nearby[] = {{"Fire","","fire",{1,{"ALL"}},3,1,1,0},{"Workbench","","workbench",{1,{"WorkBench_EPOCH","WorkbenchLarge_EPOCH"}},3,1,0,1}}; recipe[] = {{"ItemRock",12},{"water_epoch",2}}; previewPosition[] = {0.799442,1,0.426761}; previewScale = 0.6; previewVector = 0; }; Now this is an interesting item (the reason I picked it...) because it demonstrates making a craftable dependent on multiple things nearby, in this case a burning fire and either a small or large workbench... cool huh? For the wooden buildables I like to allow a small workbench so each of their definitions would have both the large and small workbench in the nearby[] array like this: class KitStudWall : Kit { recipe[] = {{"PartPlankPack",4}}; model = "\x\addons\a3_epoch_assets\models\Wooden_Wall_SIM.p3d"; nearby[] = {{"Workbench","","workbench",{1,{"WorkBench_EPOCH","WorkbenchLarge_EPOCH"}},3,1,0,1}}; previewPosition[] = {0.797675,1,0.398882}; previewScale = 0.07; previewVector = 0; }; But for cinder buildables I think you need a more flexible work environment, thus the small workbench is removed from their nearby[] arrays, for example: class KitCinderFloor : Kit { usedIn[] = {"KitCinderTower"}; recipe[] = {{"CinderBlocks",4},{"MortarBucket",4}}; nearby[] = {{"Large Workbench","","workbench",{1,{"WorkbenchLarge_EPOCH"}},3,1,0,1}}; model = "\x\addons\a3_epoch_community\models\cinderfloor.p3d"; previewPosition[] = {0.800198,1,0.262418}; previewScale = 0.055; previewVector = 3.6; }; That's pretty much it. Now you can build a large workbench, craft one and make other items dependent on it - or indeed any other object in the game. As a final example here's a modified entry for an energy pack that relies on you having a power source within 30m, and a fire and a large workbench within 3m: class EnergyPack : Item { usedIn[] = {"EnergyPackLg"}; nearby[] = {{"Fire","","fire",{1,{"ALL"}},3,1,1,0},{"Large Workbench","","workbench",{1,{"WorkbenchLarge_EPOCH"}},3,1,0,1},{"Power Source","","electricity",{1,{"Land_spp_Tower_F","Land_wpp_Turbine_V2_F","Land_wpp_Turbine_V1_F","SolarGen_EPOCH","Land_Wreck_Satellite_EPOCH"}},30,1,0,1}}; recipe[] = {{"CircuitParts",1},{"ItemCopperBar",1},{"clean_water_epoch",1}}; previewPosition[] = {0.8,1,0.29}; previewScale = 1.75; previewVector = 2.8; }; Now let your imagination run wild!
  4. I wondered if anyone knew how you plant the seeds you harvest to start a new garden. Any tips would be much appreciated.
  5. I'm looking for a script crafting in hand, bacpack, vehicle, add to favorite i have my old script but if crafting all items have name "any"
  6. Hey guys, I've been working on a script that allows players to take off weapon attachments from one weapon and put them on another. Hopefully some other people also enjoy it or find it useful. Weapon Attachment Mod 1.1.0 all of this information is available in an easier-to-read format on github pages >> note: This addon has been thoroughly tested but only on a low population server. if you have any issues on a high population server, let me know and I will try to address them. This addon lets players remove weapon mods from their weapons and apply them to other weapons. For example, you can take an ACOG scope off of an M4A1 and put it on a SA58, or add Gold Paint to a revolver, etc. It only works with existing weapon combos (you can't put a silencer on a DMR or anything like that) For an example, check out this imgur gallery or this video on twitch.tv: Features: configurable so you set your own combinations easy to use, just right click and remove or add the part admin list for adding modifications without the item note: Due to the way saving data works, unattached weapon modifications do not save across server restarts, so the player must attach the part to a weapon again before it will save. Players are notified of this whenever they remove a modification from a weapon or whenever they have their weapon mod inventory open. Installation download the files extract the addons and overwrites folder from the downloaded zip file into your mission file root add this line to the end of your mission file init.sqf. call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "addons\wmod\init.sqf"; edit addons\wmod\config.sqf if you want to configure some options such as what guns it works with etc. Configuration note: Configuration instructions are easier to read on github. To edit the configuration options, open addons\wmod\conifg.sqf Some of the more complex configuration options are shown below (others are in the config.sqf) DZE_WEAPON_MODS array format DZE_WEAPON_MODS = [ [_attachment,_base,_upgrade], [_attachment,_base,_upgrade], [... more info here ...] ]; DZE_WEAPON_MODS array arguments parameter | description | type | example --------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------|--------|-------- _attachment | the name of the weapon attachment | string | "GP25 GL" _base | the classname that the attachment is put on to | string | "AK_74" _upgrade | the classname the item becomes after the attachment is put on | string | "AK_74_GL" DZE_WEAPON_MOD_COMBINE array format DZE_WEAPON_MOD_COMBINE = [ [_combined,_attachments], [_combined,_attachments], [... more info here ...] ]; DZE_WEAPON_MOD_COMBINE arguments parameter | description | type | example --------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------|--------|-------- _combined | the name of the attachment to combine the other attachments into | string | "CCO Sight" _attachments | array of attachments to combine into the combined attachment | array | ["Kobra Sight"] Issues/FAQ Users get kicked for publicvariable restriction #0 find your battleye filter directory open publicvariable.txt the first line should say 5 "" (... other stuff ...) change it to 5 "" !"DZE_WMOD_INVENTORY" (... other stuff ...) Change Log version|change -------|------- 1.1.0 | unused mods now persist after logout (but not server restart) | better inventory management system | more configurable options 1.0.1 | bug fix for removing attachments 1.0.0 | first release
  7. I have looked but can't find any info on this anywhere.... I wanted all of my buildables to be set to right click the toolbox. I have it all set up right with 46 items in the drop down menu. The drop down menu will not load and it breaks the crafting window when I load that many. I haven't tried to figure out how many possible entries I can have in the drop down menu without breaking anything, but i did just try to put 4 items in it and it worked fine. Does anyone know: ---how many entries the menu will hold without breaking ---If it is possible to change the max number of items it holds ---Or if i just have to make a second right click entry for the toolbox and have a whole other crafting window pop up with a different sets of items? Thanks in advance!!!
  8. WHAT THIS DOES This script adds a scroll wheel option for a crafting menu. It allows you to use items to craft other items. If you have the right items and or tools in your inventory it will then start an animation and take the items out of your inventory and delete them, then spawn a crate next to you with the item you selected to craft in it. If you dont have the right items it will give you message saying what you need to craft it. I got the idea from Crafting Script) and thought I could change this up and craft all kinds of useful items. Right now you can craft a Ghillie suit, Lockbox, Bipod and range finders. Feel free to add or change any of the items. One example of a crafting recipe is the ghillie suit. You need to have a pelt,(for the Suit) a green paint can and a brown paint can,(for the camo colors) and need a Hatchet(for tool to cut up pelt for suit). It will then remove all items except the Hatchet and bam, you got a ghillie. If you guys have any ideas on what else to add in to menu and/or recipes for items, please share and I can do my best to add them in. Any help or ideas will be much appreciated and am always looking for suggestions on how to write my scripts better. DOWNLOAD HERE: https://github.com/drsubo/Crafting_Menu/tree/master There is a readme.txt included that explains how to install. If need any further help, feel free to ask.
  9. Newest Release 6-21-2015 HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!! The Largely expands the initial menu to 8 buttons, adds a donator menu and an admin menu. I have included everything in this release, since another server owner decided he would make it all his and start to prosper by SELLING my work/mods. Admin Hunt + Reinforcements / Survivor Hunt Gear Selection Menu Temp Groups Donator Crafting Menu Initial release June 5th 2015 Base Donkey Menu GUI with configurable hotkey Possum / Crafting / Suicide / Surrender and Earplugs Active! Crafting Menu GUI and all buttons actions included. Expect more and to get better! https://github.com/donkeypunchepoch/DonkeyMenu Provided in the git is a mission file that you can just plop in and run. epoch.Altis.pbo install instructions Right now, the mission file has all the info needed to add it in to your mission file. However I will expand this instruction set as I upgrade the Menu --------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog: /* v0.7 - Yep a lot of work has been done in the background without any changelog. I am going to fast track this release. Everything is included. -You can all thank <Removed by Richie> for stealing everything it had from our mission file. -Not giving any credit and then trying to turn this shit on me. -FUCK <Removed by Richie>, he is the type of person that ruins entire communities with his garbage treatment of others especially when he walks all over the Devs by selling their assets on his server for money all while the DEVS were playing on the server... -So tons of new shit included in this update. Plenty of thank you's are necessary for all the wonderful scripts and ideas here at EpochMod.COM! -Survival HUNT and Admin Hunt -Full Donator Menu and Admin Menu with tons of features and some WIP buttons for anything new. v0.4 - Slight reversion to only base menu for initial release. Admin and Donator menu tweaks coming -GitHub active, initial release tested and doing well/need crafting menu testers v0.3 - Full Set of Donkey Menu's created for each admins/VIPS/normal - Moved over all Scroll Wheel actions but 2 to the GUI'[email protected](Dam right getting rid of them AddActions, a bunch all at once on this move) - Added in VIP/Donator buttons for Survivor Hunt / Donator GUI / Surrender / Temp Groups, the first two following the above change. - Added in Admin buttons for Gear Select / Kits-Events / WIP / Admin Hunt w/reinforcements, as well as the added donator buttons. (This completes the GUI's and options for now.) v0.2.1 - 3 Menu setup complete and working - Helped out with a surrender script and decided to incorporate my shared script - Even Newer normal/new player Donkey Menu GUI to add in more buttons! more shit! - Added in Temp Group / Surrender / Status Bar and a WIP just in case. v0.2 - Changed normal/new player Donkey Menu GUI to fit with Donator and Crafting GUI - Started writing an sqf to compile rather than shitload of sqf's for main functions - Started figuring out how to handle 3 menu setup sep by UID's v0.1.1 - HotKey added and tested as F4 with 4 other options available to configure - Added Donator GUI with near-base, pay with energy craftables(more to come later with even newer GUI-listboxes) - Added Crafting GUI with near-base/energy and pay with crypto craftables, alongside original proper crafting recipes(more to come later with even newer GUI-listboxes) v0.1 - Original Vision to move scroll shit over to GUI's and then to a HotKey.*/ Known Bugs - Priority: /*Surrender does not create groundweaponholder properly - MEDIUM Possum and Suicide do not work as functions, still need to be execVM as sqf - LOW Gear Select provides error in client side .rpt(was recently updated too) - LOW .........more as they come in*/
  10. This is just an example, not a HowTo !!! What is cfgCrafting ? - Players can craft Items, Magazines, Vest or Guns. Download: - cfgCraftinglist by GBR Suppe (Custom Part is marked in the cfgCrafting.hpp) https://github.com/GBR-Suppe/cfgCrafting-Master Install: - Add the cfgCrafting.hpp in your epoch.Mission - Add to your description.ext: #include "cfgCrafting.hpp" Install optional: Info: - Craft a Backpack, Vehicle or Objekt dont work ! Only Items,Guns,Vests or Magazines are craftable ! - For an example ingame: Double click on ItemScrap or ElectronicComponent. In this Craftlist are: NVGs = ItemScraps 1 + Binocular 1 + ElectronicComponent 1 + near Fire optic_LRPS = ItemScraps 2 + Binocular 1 + near Fire optic_tws = ItemScraps 2 + Rangefinder 1 + ElectronicComponent 1 + near Fire Vest 10 = Pelt_EPOCH 1 + ItemRope 1 Vest 30 = Pelt_EPOCH 2 + ItemRope 2 + ItemScraps 1 + near Fire Vest 39 = Pelt_EPOCH 2 + ItemRope 2 + ItemCorrugated 1 + near Fire - Binoculars and Rangefinder must be in the inventory, not equipped. Ingame: Tutorial by Tactical Anders: Thanks to Tactial Anders :D GBR Suppe
  11. Hello, first of all tanks a lot to the Dev Team for the fast progress on Update There is one point in the changelogs which sounds very interesting. [New] Added crafting of Salvage Metal from Iron Ore found at mineral veins. In Fact that Salvage Metal is very rare, and takes a lot of time to find it. This sounds like a good option to get the salvage metal. Since yet im not sure how this crafting will work. Do i need any tools for it ??? Where can i find these mineral viens??? Where else can i finde Iron??? How much iron pieces do i need to craft one salvage metal? i know the patch is just a few hours online, but maybe there are some lucky persons which allready had some experience with that. Many thanks in advance Greetz
  12. Would it be at all possible for epoch to implement underground base building / crafting?
  13. How difficult would it be to add more craftable items? (Basically editing CfgMagazines.hpp) It would be nice to be able to add more stuff, either craftable or just build-able, like basic furniture and eye candy that has Arma models. For instance, the park bench looks like this: class park_bench_kit: CA_Magazine { scope = 2; count = 1; type = 256; displayName = "Wood Bench"; descriptionShort = "Wood Bench"; model = "\z\addons\dayz_epoch\models\supply_crate.p3d"; picture = "\z\addons\dayz_epoch\pictures\equip_wooden_crate_ca.paa"; weight = 25; class ItemActions { class Build { text = $STR_ACTIONS_BUILD; script = "spawn player_build;"; require[] = {"ItemEtool","ItemToolbox"}; create = "ParkBench_DZ"; }; }; }; Can I just add a custom CfgMagazines.hpp and add some arma .p3ds to mission file to make additional buildables?
  14. Hi guys, I've ran into a problem on my server, and I'm unable to figure it out. I have searched everywhere for an answer with no luck, so I decided to make a thread and ask! Basically I'm on Chernarus Epoch - I have several scripts on the server - Admin Tools, Custom Bases, Sarge AI, EMS Missions. None of these have touched any of the trader settings. The server runs perfectly, everything works perfectly, the FPS is awesome - But I cannot Trade or Craft. I can see the trader menus, all the vehicles and ltems show up, it gives me the options to buy/sell/cancel and I can click on them. It shows up saying "Trading has started, stand still to complete", it does the animation and my guy crouches down. Then nothing at all happens, it just stays like that. I can look around, stand lay down, crouch with no lag or anything, but the trade doesn't complete. I can wait for 15+ mins and it doesn't do anything at all. If I move however, as in walk a step, it pops up "Trading canceled". The same goes for crafting. Taking a 10oz Gold Bar out of a briefcase for example, I can right click and start the crafting, my guy does the animation crouching down, then nothing. Same as trading, I can turn round, look around with no lag just fine etc, but nothing happens. Again, if I move a step it pops up "Crafting canceled". Every other option/command/action works perfectly fine 100% - besides the crafting and trading! Appreciated any help anyone can offer in advance, this is a highly frustrating problem.
  15. It would be cool to add something like a snapping system to the crafting aspect of the game. And possibly having a toggle ability on it too. It would make creating geometric shapes like squares and rectangles easier. Would it be possible to add something like this in game? Even a 90 degree rotation option would be nice although I understand that if you place the part and it hits you while crafting you die. Maybe rotate the object so a short end is near you so there is no player object contact.
  16. I realise that tools will break at random intervals but its highly annoying when removing something that has 8 steps and you have to start over. Wouldn't it be better if the tool still broke but the item you were collapsing/deconstructing remained at the stage the tool broke? Amount of times I've tried to take down my Triple H barriers and the crowbar snapped half way through stage 7 of 8 is rediculous, surely it should stay at stage 7 and then you carry on from there with a new tool? A screw wouldn't magicly screw itself back into a wall if the screwdriver snapped would it? Just a suggestion anyway. Cheers for the good work so far.
  17. the canvas recipe used to be 2 clothing items, now those same 2 items wont craft canvas, from there I cant make any more green tents to make green forest camo.
  18. Would it be possible to add in small ladders or wooden stairs to the crafting list?
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