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Nancy J Berghammer

Update the Re-entry when killed

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When killed at a mission or for any dying for that matter, getting to a location even close to where you died is impossible. I want to participate in the game play and not have to run 2.1 kg just to get back to where I died.

1) All cities on the map should be listed to be able to select and spawn in. (or the use of GPS location - Longitude and Latitude)

2) If a city is selected don't put the individual way outside the city, but within the city would be better. I don't want to run 1 kg or more just to get to the city I have selected and then still have to run another large amount to get to my dead body.

3) The purpose of coming back into the map and mission is to participate in the taking of the mission, not to have to run a long distance only to find out that the others playing with you have already killed the enemy and are taking the loot before you even got back to the mission.

4) This is on Altis Epoch that I am playing on.

Thank you


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• 1 or 2 km isn't far to run at all, just a few minutes of your time.
• If the people you play with just steal all the loot without putting something aside for you, that's their fault.
• This is a risk vs reward type of game. When entering a dangerous situation you should be aware of the risk.
• Being irritated because you keep dying isn't feedback.

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Another one wants babycore gameplay :) I think for you OP, 99 percent of Epoch server will be just fine, take a look carefully at them, since you can select spawn and there is always high loot +++++ :) Wow, I imagine if DayZ SA players asked developers something like this and what response would they get. "Oh, I don't wanna die in North West Airfield and then Spawn in Kamyshovo and run 5k!!! That's not fair!"

Epoch is already made by server admins into such easy game, that for me even running 5k back to base isn't an issue at all, it is part of a damn game. You are not supposed to get to your dead body, otherwise, just use hacks and play in God Mode, what's the point, no risk. Very fun, right?


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Nancy one of the hardest things in any game where there is a character death is for the devs to balance the mechanic(punishment) for death. Make it too easy and it gets boring quicker for some people, make it too hard and others find it a waste of time. Getting it just right for the target audience is what makes a good game. That being said there are many servers out there with many different set ups that can and do make it easier or harder to get around the map. The basic map is just that basic.. it is left that way for people to mod their servers in a way they and the people they want to attract like to play. Adding every city to the spawn selection would really add unnecessary size to the original download. However if someone wanted to they could add them in and you could download their mission files to play on that server. Just searching for "spawn script" without the quotes gave me this as the first answer  http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/34896-custom-spawn-dialog-with-gear-halo-selection-moving-map-credits-custom-spawns-and-more/&page=1 

Putting you in the city can be done but usually it is set from a marker with a radius of several hundred meters so it is easier for the game to find a safe entry spot (i.e. not in the middle of a wall or tree). I haven't tried the above link so I don't know what the options are but you could look for custom spawn with the launcher's search feature.

It does sound like you need new friends if they take all the loot and don't include you. If it is a pvp server you could always just kill them and take their stuff, of course they may not want to be friends afterwards.

Everyone has different time constraints on them so things that take time with no reward such as moving to and from the fun stuff. Others like me view that getting there is also part of the challenge. Make it too easy and I don't enjoy it as much. Again this comes to balance and I think the mods have done a good job here with death as they have left it open for us to choose what we would want instead of dictating it. If you want to stay on your current server but would like changes you would need to talk with whoever runs that server. They may like your ideas or they may not but that is really where you would need to start the spawn selection idea. 




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