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  1. Thanks BDtZ I really needed the laugh been a rough week and it is only Tuesday.
  2. Thanks will try when I get off work today
  3. DaveA

    Server Hacked

    Nah Creativv, one of the moderators moved it. It was originally in the A2 section
  4. If someone has this running ciuld you post in Community Server section orpm me the details to join. I'd like to try it out. Thanks in advance.
  5. Seems like just commenting them out or deleting that part of the mission.sqm or wherever the file is that adds those would take care of it, if they are being added by Epoch and not part of Arma 2 map originally. However, it won't matter since he changed the added content to include them.
  6. Great news, now its time to get in there and kill some stuff. :)
  7. Odd as mine works with "inventory" there tho it came from El Dubya's work not directly mine, so I am not sure what else offhand that needs to be changed. There may be other instances where that word needs to be changed I guess. Hope it goes well adding P4life.
  8. I re-read it and it doesn't actually say that the person that built the plot pole actually put their name on the plot, so I was making sure that part was done as it isn't intuitive that the person that built it also has to be on the plot in order for it to work. However, since you are saying that the person is on there will need to look in another direction. From the github instructions
  9. Ahh, well I don't have a direct answer for you as I haven't run into that before tho I think I read about it. But, I think you'll need to look at your vector install for some reason it isn't carrying over the angle. Maybe missed a step in there. Comb thru the posts or google for it.
  10. You also need to add yourself to the plot
  11. I don't understand what you mean by they go back the normal way. When you upgrade a cinder block wall it stays a half wall or after server restart it goes back to a half wall?
  12. I believe -1 disables the cleanup script completely. Altho it doesn't seem like 5.5k items is all that many. Have you checked your server and client reports? They should tell you what is happening.
  13. Search the errors without having the times included. Looks like it is expecting an array and the returned value is a string. I am sure I have seen this before but can't seem to find it atm.
  14. How are you launching the game thru Steam or thru another launcher?
  15. The problem is that may not be your only error. We really need to see the launch parameters and probably the rest of it tho it looks like you need to copy your addons folder from arma 2 to arma2oa. If it is still there please post the very first part of your login attempt along with the server details you are trying to join. I've quit using the launcher lately but you may try using the advanced tab on it. Just add them in the correct order Overwatch first then Epoch. Also if the server has Origins you''ll need to launch that first then Overwatch and Epoch last.. Gotta head to work for now go luck.
  16. You'll need to find your arma2oaserver.rpt file and look at that. It will show you what is happening. Anything that that says "error" or "missing" try using a search engine to see if you can find the answer. If not you can paste it here using a spoiler button so others can have a look at it. There is also another report on your home computer called arma2oa.rpt that saves stuff from the client sometimes that is really helpful too when tracking down these problems.
  17. None of the last stuff there you posted would keep you out of the game. You'll need to empty out your report and retry to join again one time. Then copy paste the whole report here using a spoiler button or dropbox or something similar. things you can try first- -verify your install through Steam -verify your mod order, for Overpoch you'll need your launch parameters to be "[email protected];@DayZ_Epoch;" without the quotes. be sure to change them to match your folders ie your dayz folder may be called dayz_epoch1051. -go to your appdata folder C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\ArmA 2 OA\MPMissionsCache and delete the files here. You also may be getting kicked for your battleye not updating you can google how to fix this if this is happening. It will show up at the lower left corner of the server screen jsut before it boots you.
  18. DaveA


    Yep for sure odd tho, as that is the only thing that seems broke that I have found. However, I haven't found what is conflicting with it yet.
  19. DaveA


    I still haven't tracked this down tho I think it is more of a right click error as the box to use it comes up just nothing happens when I click on it.
  20. Also if you revert your client back to the legacy patch the medical boxes work again at least that did it for me.
  21. DaveA


    Ok I finally found where it was hiding in dayz_code.pbo under actions then player_usemeds.sqf
  22. DaveA


    Heatpacks aren't working atm on my server. So far I haven't had any luck finding where in the code the call for using them is. So far I've looked thru most of the mission files fn_selfactions, variables, compiles. The server files like server_monitor, server_functions. The arma 2oa files which is where I thought I would find them especially under dayz_code.pbo or dayz_epoch.pbo I haven't gound anything there listing the "itemheatpack". In the dayz_code.pbo there is even a folder for medical but heat pack isn't listed. I am not sure if I am lam looking for heatpacks in all the wrong places or whether I am looking for the wrong name. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks (edit) Also i tried looking thru the files on the github and don't see heatpacks there tho I believe they were a part of the original dayz so them may just be using that code.
  23. Empty your .rpt's and get fresh ones go thru them looking for the errors. Or you can just scroll down to get to the newest logins but I always found it easier to just empty them out. Use a search engine on them or pieces of them to find answers as most of these have popped up before.
  24. yes but only for a little bit over 31 years
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