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  1. You define object_position2 as a function but you are calling _object_position2 which does not exist. Also object_position2 is never passed the variable containng the _object. You, also, cannot pass a non-string value or variable to diag_log (diag_log _fuel), if it is a non-string value or variable it must first be transformed into a string. Also, what is serializeExtendedObjectData?
  2. The fadeSound function doesn't affect the game volume as set by the player in the options menu. Even if your game volume is turned off in the options menu soundVolume could be a greater than zero value. Longer version: To calculate the volume of a given sound the engine takes into account; the specified volume of that sound as defined in a config or internally, the distance from the player to that sound source, soundVolume and the volume set by the player in the options menu. Once it has all those it can then calculate the final output volume for a given sound. This explains the reason why soundVolume and the user set volume do not correlate, they are recognised internally to be two separate values not one. I may be simplifying the process taken to calculate final volumes but nevertheless it allows you to understand better about the fadeSound and soundVolume functions.
  3. • 1 or 2 km isn't far to run at all, just a few minutes of your time. • If the people you play with just steal all the loot without putting something aside for you, that's their fault. • This is a risk vs reward type of game. When entering a dangerous situation you should be aware of the risk. • Being irritated because you keep dying isn't feedback.
  4. blue

    Vehicle Unlock Script

    Just done a quick search for you and this post which should be able to help you. You may be able to find more help further down into that thread. Good luck.
  5. blue

    New Melee weapon.

    You should create a variant of this sword called Excalibur that has some special properties. You should then create an event which, very rarely, creates a single instance of Excalibur on the map with it's nose buried in a rock. Just a little bit of fun for you devs and a sweet little easter egg of sorts and a rare weapon for the players. At least, that's what I'd do.
  6. Sounds like the OA executable has been corrupted, may be a drive error such as bad sector. Try deleting the OA executable file then verifying the game through Steam. It should, hopefully, replace the missing exe file with one that works. Hopefully you get it sorted soon.
  7. This is the latest info I can find.
  8. After spending quite some time away from DayZ Epoch, I was pleasantly surprised to come back recently to what seems to be a fairly popular mod, but it has me wondering now as to exactly how healthy the mod is. With the rise of new mods for ArmA 3 such as the new Epoch mod and the increasingly popular Exile mod it seems to me like it's not going to be too long before DayZ Epoch may become abandoned, but it's difficult to spot any growth or reduction trends in the community through just 1 pair of eyes. I've heard whispers of a community update for DayZ Epoch but the only evidence of this is an idle forum post, which is discouraging to say the least, and the community participation in DayZ Epoch has shown a massive slump in regards to mod creation. So I want to throw some questions out to the guys who still play DayZ Epoch or run servers, What is your view on the health of the mod, do you foresee it dying in the near future or do you think it will sustain itself for a long time to come? What do you think keeps both players and server owners on the, now old, DayZ Epoch mod? Do you think anything could be done to breathe new life back into the mod at this stage? Both opinions and facts are welcome answers as it will all, hopefully, help myself and others get a better idea of what to expect in the near future. -blue
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