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change BE Filter without restart?

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Hey guys, is it possible to change the BE-Filter and make them active without restarting the server?





Hi, yes it is, you can use a rcon tool. I use Dart. You need to execute reload scripts or reload events depending on the filter.

So if you are going to type it manually then it would be reloadscripts to reload the scripts.txt file or reloadevents to reload all the other filters.

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You can only reload the scripts filter, not the others such as setvariable/pubvar etc.


Are you sure, ? I use watchdog plugin and can change any/all on the fly including setvar and pubvar. Its how I do my BE updates when I am to lazy to read the code, just get the kicks add it it reloads and rinse and repeat..


One think I have notice is Edit don't overwrite. 



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