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  1. what user are you logged in with ? you need to make sure the folder permissions match your username.. FYI don't run as root !
  2. have you also done the ldd on the .so files to check for errors ?
  3. Have you done all from the following ?
  4. but what if there is something to see ?
  5. Are you sure, ? I use watchdog plugin and can change any/all on the fly including setvar and pubvar. Its how I do my BE updates when I am to lazy to read the code, just get the kicks add it it reloads and rinse and repeat.. One think I have notice is Edit don't overwrite.
  6. Dwarfer

    RCON password

    what RCON tool you using ?
  7. New Update Only 16.6MB Arma 3 BIN Arma3server BIN
  8. Clock speed is Key for A3 and A2 for that matter, You really need 2.6GHz upwards. From what I know the Intel Core i7-4790K is the best CPU for A3 at the moment. Take a look at this. It should be a good guide how good a box will be or not be. https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html E5 2603 1.8Ghz is only 914 Then you have a really cheap Core2 Duo at Intel Core2 Duo E8600 @ 3.33GHz 1,367 I would rather have the Duo.. The E5 2603 is great for windows servers and multi tasking items inside a SMB but for game server hosting nope... South Africa's Internet normally runs though Madrid and up into France so hosting in Madrid or Paris you may get more bank for your RAND. I know for a fact SA hosting is expensive in comparison.
  9. http://dev.arma3.com/post/spotrep-00043 DirtySanchez, Just like to make sure I am wired ;-)
  10. I've not seen anything on Altis "YET" trying Bumhole and Cherno now
  11. So its landed !! 1.46.131127 Have it on My server now seems to be working OK so far.. Nothing to report back
  12. Yeah.. BE Gold standard for messing loads of people up on mass !
  13. Dwarfer

    Exile or Epoch

    Lets not feed Trolls on this one.. I have been playing both extensively. For me its about what keeps player entertained.. I see the player base will probably think the mods are similar. However they both have their key features and the "back story" is different. I'd like to say we at DMR will run both servers still however we have to see what the player base wants.. I hope we can see both mods being successful and big up to both DEV teams I know they are both working hard and don't need any of the Trolling that has been going on.. Ta
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