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  1. Dows anybody have the problem too, that helis/vehicles VERY often disappear since unsig this script? Or is it a problem of the new Arma version?
  2. hm, but > 1000qkm, i think it´s too big to play it, or not? Performance killer? I´m curious.
  3. ? This is not the thread of Zupas Capture the flag, it´s the HUD (status bar) mate :D And i want to change the image size to make them wider..
  4. Hey folks, can I change the picture size of the HUD?
  5. Hey guys, is it possible to change the BE-Filter and make them active without restarting the server? Metal
  6. Hey Horbin, our heli crashes (static) are invisible, no smoke too.. at the beginning, it worked but now.... the heli scrashsites are spawning, the loot and the sound of the broken heli appears.. where could be the issue? Cheers metal DayZHeloCrash.sqf:
  7. this tool is crashing regularly
  8. Hey folks, is there a simple way to comment out the not required trader menus (weapons, addons, etc), I want a pure vehicle hire for first. Cheers Metal
  9. Wanted to write the same today :-) I just want to hire vehicles and want to add an extra cfgpricing.hpp only for the vehicle hire... the original cfgpricing.hpp, which contains all the buy/sell prices should be original... is this piossible to use one cfgpricing for buy/sell at the normal traders and one cfgpricing_hire for the vehicle hire?
  10. ok, I´m using this tool, but the search didnt work. Will try it again.
  11. How can I delete specific items in the database? Some weapons and/or weapon addons causing errors and I need to delete them from the shelves and lockboxes. I´m not familiar with lua scripts etc, can somebody give me an example? Metal
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