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  1. I get the same, my Arma crashes with stackoverflow error
  2. Since the update we have an issue with the Admin tools (scaronator). When you try and delete an object, the game crashes with stack overflow error. Other than that the admin tools work fine.
  3. HI, you probably have an old version of the code. Here is a link to the last version https://github.com/Cavadus/A3EAI-Continued
  4. My FPS has actually improved on my server. I would rather suspect Arma or server than Epoch.
  5. I had a missing " on that line. It now works with the !="_alljammer = allmissionobjects 'PlotPole_EPOCH';" BE filter.
  6. Player are getting kicked when placing frequency jammers. 10.07.2016 12:16:44: ScaRR ( 13f8eb23ba598d279c7c6c30aeb4a12b - #8 "ole_EPOCH", "PlotPole_SIM_EPOCH"]) then { _alljammer = allmissionobjects 'PlotPole_EPOCH'; _c = 0; { if ((_x getVariable["BUILD_" I have added the following battleye filter but still getting kicked. 7 allMissionObjects !="_alljammer = allmissionobjects 'PlotPole_EPOCH';"
  7. Hey guys, has anyone else experienced the issue where the thirst and hunger is not affected when eating and drinking? I am on the latest build 565. Players are also not able to place frequency jammers. Any ideas?
  8. Hey, I had the same. In battleye/scripts.txt Add this to the end of the line that starts with RscDebugConsole_watch !="private _value = profileNamespace getVariable [\"RscDebugConsole_watch\" + str (_forEachIndex + 1), [true, \"\"]];"
  9. One issue after 1.58 update. The admin function delete object (F5) doesn't work. It brings up and flashes the watch , like you would press the O . I checked and the show watch function is not mapped to F5 in my settings.
  10. Hey guys, the script works perfectly and the players love it. I have one issue though that I see mentioned in this topic. The bots seem to have the same gear and they have "FirstAidKits" on them instead of "FAK" which means it is the ARMA version and not the EPOCH version. Also can't sell these. I have added diag_log format["ANDRE Convoy debug - _weap_mag->%1 _weap->%2",_weap_mag,_weapon]; 8:49:07 "ANDRE Convoy debug - _weap_mag->["arifle_MXM_Black_F","30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag_Tracer"] _weap->arifle_MXM_Black_F" 8:49:07 "ANDRE Convoy debug - _weap_mag->["arifle_MXM_Black_F","30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag_Tracer"] _weap->arifle_MXM_Black_F" 8:49:07 "ANDRE Convoy debug - _weap_mag->["m249Tan_EPOCH","200Rnd_556x45_M249"] _weap->m249Tan_EPOCH" to the Spawn Soldier section to see what which weapons they get assigned and it seems right. However when you loot them they all have the arifle_Mk20_F and variations thereof //Spawn Soldiers ..... {_unit removeMagazine _x} forEach magazines _unit; _weap_mag = _donn_weapons call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _weapon = _weap_mag select 0; _magazine = _weap_mag select 1; diag_log format["ANDRE Convoy debug - _weap_mag->%1 _weap->%2",_weap_mag,_weapon]; I have tried deleting the first aid kist and adding FAK's in the donn_cleanUnit function but it doesn't help, which makes no sense. It is like the function doesn't get call but it is referenced in the Killed eventhandler. donn_cleanUnit = { _unit = _this select 0; _motor = assignedVehicle _unit; _role = assignedVehicleRole _unit; _unit removeAllEventHandlers "handleDamage"; clearAllItemsFromBackpack _unit; //scarr if (_role select 0 == "Driver") then {_unit call donn_roll_driver;}; {_unit removeMagazine _x;} forEach magazines _unit; if (random 100 > 60) then { {_unit removeWeapon _x;} forEach weapons _unit; }; _unit removeItems "FirstAidKit"; //ScaRR _unit addItem "FAK"; // ScaRR donn_units_motor = donn_units_motor - [_unit]; };
  11. The AI are configured to be the resistance side in the globaldefines.hpp file #define AI_GROUP_SIDE resistance //A3EAI I don't the think the server side / client side thing is an issue. I used one of the other zombie addons and there the zobies even attacked each other. So currently the zombies and the AI are on the same side. Making the AI civilian may result in them not attacking the players but making the zombies might. I haven't had a chance to go through it but I think this might help https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Side_relations This might be the way to do it. Setting the rating of the zombies to -2000. They might even start attacking each other. Will have to test. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addRating
  12. I am also running the two addons. I am currently investigating this myself so I will let you know when I find a solution. It has to do with setting the zombies as enemies of the AI. As far as I know if you are using the zombies mod without the Civilian Occupation System then you can specify which sides are enemies of the zombies. E.g. BLUEFOR, OPFOR, Independant etc.
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