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Epoch released - changelog for Arma 1.48+

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[Added] Support for Esseker map.
[Added] Support for Takistan and loot positions for more AiA TP buildings.
[Added] Support for Australia Terrain Thanks to the communites of http://thewild.zone, http://www.utomnia.com/
[Added] More loot positions for AiA TP buildings and updates to existing positions to add pallets and freezers.
[Added] Female characters now have uniform storage once again.
[Added] Server side config for max player Krypto limits.
[Added] Environmental loot checks recoded and now allow for config via description.ext.
[Added] Drone spawn chances reduced.
[Added] Client spawning Sapper and Drone chance can now be controlled via description.ext.
[Added] Server side version check added to CfgEpochClient.
[Changed] Reduce payouts on scrap metal farming.
[Changed] Disabled Vehicle Simulation Handler by default as it does not seem to be needed anymore. re-enable vehicle simulation handler with simulationHandler = true in epochconfig.hpp.
[Changed] lower primary weapon spawn chances.
[Changed] Lower Krypto value for metal salvage and scraps.
[Changed] Disable moving traders by default again (Needs recoding in fsm)
[Changed] Increased weight of Cinder Blocks and Mortar Buckets.
[Changed] Revert workaround for 1.46 crash fix requires 1.46 build 131265 or higher.
[Changed] telepos array now uses modelToWorld offsets instead of world space positions.
[Changed] Increased delay between antagonist spawns to 10 minutes.
[Fixed] Increase range on proximity checks for gear should help with loot target issues.
[Fixed] Krypto device will now only drop if player actually had Krypto.
[Fixed] Added missing backpack B_AssaultPack_blk to loot table and pricing.
[Fixed] Teleport issues on Stratis or any other map with one or less teleport pad.
[Fixed] Added prevention of using tactical view.
[Fixed] Unable to sell new 762x54 150Rnd ammo box.
[Fixed] Energy, krypto stats shown and mouse auto centers once again when opening inventory.
[Fixed] Recoil_default error on first use of hatchet.
[Fixed] Weight added to SR-25 and L85A2 rifles.
[Fixed] Lower base armor on characters to Arma defaults, should fix issues with damage reporting.
[info] Updated windows command line example to show usage of -serverMod
[info] Updated description.ext and mission pbo's for new cultist configs.
[Changed] Helicopter air drop event code disabled by default as it needs more work.
[Fixed] Cultist should now spawn correctly and also has a totally reworked code structure.

While work continues on 0.4 we are going to try something a bit different in terms of staging test builds on the 0.3.x branch. Instead of pushing out releases over the stable build we will now maintain an experimental steam workshop branch that will allow us to more rapidly push fixes and test before rolling anything out to the stable branch. 

The stable release of server and client is expected the to be released soon provided nothing major pops up. If this way of staging test builds works well we should be able to push more frequent updates to address the more pressing issues as they come up. 
If you are willing to test please install the experimental branch and join one of the servers listed below. Report any new bugs here: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/issues
Epoch Experimental Steam Workshop:

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