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Live Arma 3 (Epoch) coding session for question answers and coding help.

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What is this ?
A stream with teamspeak to support question about arma coding. I will give a scenario for getting some stuff done on arma 3 epocch. the basics with maybe a small addon to make.
You can follow the coding yourself and ask questions on the way.
We will make time for that. We prob ddon't get alot of people but at least we help a few then ^^
The coding session will start at


England: 6 pm;

Belgium: 7pm;
You can already join me on teamspeak form now on:
I'll probably also have a stream up already doing random shizzle till then ^^
Document where all info will get stored:


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hey man I am unable to make it to the session but it's some I have been really looking for. Are you going to be recording it possibly?


I'll keep it in twitch, i'll try to edit it perhaps since there probably will be alot of crap between it.


Might make like a table of contents with timings between it 

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Zupa, good idea, didn't see the post till a day late though - DOH. maybe a small you tube collection might be a good idea with a section in a forum to ask questions. or drop in centre on TS would need to be specific times or you will pull your hair out lol

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