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  1. that's interesting can you give and example at all so i can see it use, IE is it set in the description.ext or the init file?
  2. ok so the drone called in AI have random skill sounds good so the VEMF and SEM AI can they be controlled via a skill setting maybe? I agree on the weapons but i have my as default that comes with SEM etc and there using ak47 type guns tbh not sniper rifles. in the profile settings there is some settings for AI skill at the mo i have these at 0.1 but I'm unsure is 0.1 is top skill or 0.9 is top skill and what effect this setting has in epoch or the mission scripts installed.
  3. Good evening folks, what's the best way to alter that AI skill on the epoch server. I have the config already set at 0.1 skill but the AI still seem overpowered? (one shot head hits all the time)
  4. kill a goat cook the leg and put you can use put that in the cooler by double clicking the cooler
  5. working perfect on my server nice work!
  6. get well soon m8 migraines are horrible
  7. #9 "setVariable ["BIS_fnc_feedback_postResetHandler", true]; player addeventhandler ["PostReset",{BIS_EnginePPReset = true;} ]; those only appeared when i added the earplug scripts. if i remove the earplug scripts the server works fine again. ive fixed it for now by changing line 9 to a 3 instead of a 7
  8. Afternoon all, ive installed the script after using it on other servers but for some reason i get the following BE filter which is not in your list. this could be from the 3.02 recent update and of course the recent 1.42 arma update any pointers #9 "setVariable ["BIS_fnc_feedback_postResetHandler", true]; player addeventhandler ["PostReset",{BIS_EnginePPReset = true;} ];
  9. tradari

    #0 Error

    Fixed my BE kick error using the following line added to line 0 !="this select 0)) then {[(_this select 0), "", [], true] call bis_fnc_initVehicle;};"
  10. fixed my issue with !="this select 0)) then {[(_this select 0), "", [], true] call bis_fnc_initVehicle;};" on line 0
  11. tradari

    #0 Error

    i have the same problem and adding that to line 0 didn't fix it anyone with any further ideas #0 "his select 0)) then {[(_this select 0), "", [], false] call bis_fnc_initVehicle;};"
  12. ref BE filter im getting #0 "his select 0)) then {[(_this select 0), "", [], false] call bis_fnc_initVehicle;};" anyone else get this?
  13. Zupa, good idea, didn't see the post till a day late though - DOH. maybe a small you tube collection might be a good idea with a section in a forum to ask questions. or drop in centre on TS would need to be specific times or you will pull your hair out lol
  14. evening guys n gals, I think im missing something i have the default anti-hack not infistar and the hud works great as admin but players it wont work for. now i read that i have to add and exception in but so far ive been unable to find where could anyone point me in the right direction. Im wondering is it in the epochAH.hpp file for the edit maybe in this section? antihack_customVariablesCheck = false; // true enables variable scanning on missionNamespace antihack_customVariables[] = {}; //Add global variables from custom scripts, example: {"MyOwnVar","CP_KK"} //Global Variables begin without "_" !! but im unsure thanks for any help posted in responce. Regards Tradari
  15. i know the feeling I want with DZE blood bag from the inventory, TBH I think it works better anyway
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