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  1. Dayz style heli crash sites

    agree that would be very nice feature to this script........... cheers
  2. Dayz style heli crash sites

    Richie Darling you did it Thanks for the Release waiting so long for this. Thanks so much will instal this Today. Keep up the Good work!
  3. [TUTORIAL] Adding logo to screen

    @Darth Thanks for Filling this Request got it to work like your Tutorial. Anyway Thank you for this Tutorial this will help People that looking for this like me before. Regards
  4. Autoban #R2/ Autoban #0

    I have the same Ban but not this script installed pls report if that fixed your Problem. Regards
  5. Bottom mainscreen image (issue)

    Bump Can anyone help me out please?
  6. Spawn Traders do not have any inventory

    lol I forget to Post the Link above............. Use this its done in 1 min with this tool ;)
  7. Autoban #R2/ Autoban #0

    Well that is the Problem if you set everything to 1 its still Banning People I ask me why Ban if we setup only 1 to Log? Devs should really join this Thread here becouse i have still same Problem as Op. Its really frustrating.
  8. watermark

    you mean this? If yes, I tryed today to get this to work but no chance maybe you have luck and can explain how it works?! Kind Regards
  9. Spawn Traders do not have any inventory

    Use this way its very easy I used this today and it worked very easy Regards
  10. Thx for this working very well!
  11. Bottom mainscreen image (issue)

    is there any tutorial about this? I try to get this to work and would be very happy if someone can make a short 3 lines Tutorial for this. Kind Regards
  12. Autoban #R2/ Autoban #0

    did you added this to your windows host File? ibattle.org www.ibattle.org the file is located here: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc what about the __init__.py file in your watchdog folder? Di you have right click propertiess and allew windows to access&run it? Regards
  13. [RELEASE] Status Bar With Icons & Server FPS display v1.36

    Nice Bar Great work sir: 1 question for any reason the images are not showing up? Did i miss anything i paste the images folder inside my mission file where my init.sqf is located Regards Edit: Fixed had to rename the paths ;)
  14. Autoban #R2/ Autoban #0

    Well Richie this offer is really appriciated from my side,really friendly from you.But i want to fix this on my own.Yes its a Dedicated server.I try to learn better if i try to setup see error and then fixing on this way i learn more,but if it really stucks next days then i come back to this offer from you sir :) Update: You pointed me to watchdogs..........Read Below: @Tyler, Hey Sir i figured it maybe out becouse Richie said Before we should check if watchdog is running. Now i maybe found the Problem. Check this: Go to your Watchdog folder and right click to __init__.py & __init__.pyo i dont remeber which it was but iam sure it was the __init__.py File.Make Right Click & check if you have a Option to allow windows to access this file or something like that.I allowed it!!! I cant say if its 100% fixed till now no one is Banned i will watch this now more & Report back if this the issue is. Regards