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    • By JustBullet
      ver. 1.0.3
      This Anti-Duping system block duping with:
      1. inventory ->> 30 sec. timer ->> ESC = you can not go out 30 seconds. 
      2. inventory ->> 30 sec. timer ->> ((Low FPS ->> ESC) || (ESC --> Low FPS)) = locks the screen and you can not go out 30 seconds. If the FPS will be more, removes the lock screen.
      add in dayz_spaceInterrupt.sqf:
      /* Anti-Duping by JustBullet */ if (_dikCode in actionKeys "Gear") then {     _nill = execvm "scripts\escmenu_atniduping.sqf"; }; above:
      // Disable ESC after death if (_dikCode == 0x01 && r_player_dead) then {     _handled = true; }; in escmenu_atniduping.sqf:
      ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////* Author by JustBullet */////////////// ///////////* BLOCK ESC MENU ver. 1.0.3 *///////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// if (isNil "JustBlock") then {     private ["_timer","_fps"];     JustBlock = true;     disableSerialization;     waituntil{!isnull (finddisplay 46)};     _timer = 30;     _trigger = false;     while {_timer > 0} do {         _timer = _timer - 0.1;         if !(isnull (finddisplay 49)) then {             findDisplay 106 closeDisplay 1;             finddisplay 49 closeDisplay 2;             _fps = round(diag_fps);             switch true do {                 case (!(_trigger) && (_fps <= 4)): {_trigger = true; disableUserInput true;};                 case ((_trigger) && (_fps > 4)): {endLoadingScreen; _trigger = false; disableUserInput false;};             };             if (_trigger) then {startLoadingScreen ["Anti-dupe: Very low FPS, you are blocked...", "DayZ_loadingScreen"];}             else {systemchat format["Anti-Dupe: You are can't exit of game 1% sec. after access at inventory.", round(_timer)];};         };         uiSleep 0.1;     };     if (_trigger) then {endLoadingScreen; disableUserInput false;};     JustBlock = nil; }; P.S. I can`t make the description because i am do not know English well enough. If you do not difficult to help me with this.

    • By F507DMT
      Anti-Theft from locked vehicles by F507DMT
      add in variables.sqf:
      GearStorags = ["WeaponHolder","WoodCrate_DZ","Wooden_shed_DZ","WoodShack_DZ","StorageShed_DZ","GunRack_DZ","VaultStorage","LockboxStorage"]; add in dayz_spaceInterrupt.sqf:
      //Esc if (_dikCode == 0x01) then { _nill = execvm "scripts\esc.sqf"; //if use Anti-Duping by F507DMT (http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/32889-release-anti-duping-by-f507dmt-working/) DZE_cancelBuilding = true; call dayz_EjectPlayer; OpenGear = nil; }; //Anti-Theft from locked vehicles by F507DMT if ((_dikCode in actionKeys "Gear") && !(vehicle player != player)) then { if (isNil "OpenGear") then { (findDisplay 106) closeDisplay 1; if (!(cursorTarget isKindOf "Man") and (player distance cursorTarget <= 7) and ((typeOf cursorTarget in GearStorags) or (cursortarget isKindOf "AllVehicles"))) then { player action ["gear", cursortarget]; } else { createGearDialog [player, "RscDisplayGear"]; }; OpenGear = true; } else { (findDisplay 106) closeDisplay 1; OpenGear = nil; }; _handled = true; }; P.S.
      I recomend add "Open self Backpack" on button "H"
      add in  dayz_spaceInterrupt.sqf:
      //open backpack on H button if (_dikCode == 0x23) then { if (isNil "OpenGear") then { (findDisplay 106) closeDisplay 1; player action ["gear", unitBackpack player]; OpenGear = true; } else { (findDisplay 106) closeDisplay 1; OpenGear = nil; }; _handled = true; }; with: Losing connection, drop loot, Esc, exit yes and Esc + G, losing connection, drop loot, exit yes.
    • By Markokil321
      Looking for some help with this Code i am trying to add to our server as a backpack theft protection when inside safezones. We had something similar up to now but it just didn't work very well.
      I am adding this code to the bottom of my custom fn_gearMenuChecks.sqf which is called in the MPMission\compiles.sqf.
      I've added comments trying to explain what it is doing (WE ALSO USE CUSTOM FRIENDLIST SYSTEM, so things may look strange)
      THE CODE:
      if (inSafeZone) then //if player inside a safezone { _playerNear = (({isPlayer _x} count (nearestObjects [player, ['Man'],6])) > 1); //there is another player within 6m of you if (_playerNear) then //if player within 6m { //define variables _puid = getPlayerUID player; _fuid = getPlayerUID cursorTarget; _playerID = player getVariable ["CharacterID", "0"]; _targetid = cursorTarget getVariable ["CharacterID", "0"]; _sFriends = player getVariable ["friendlies", []]; _pfls = player getVariable ["AH_friendlist",[]]; _tFriends = cursorTarget getVariable ["friendlies", []]; _ffls = cursorTarget getVariable ["AH_friendlist",[]]; _isFriend = (((_targetid in _sFriends)&&(_playerID in _tFriends)) || ((_fuid in _pfls)&&(_puid in _ffls))); //player is inside your friendslist _isLootpile = (cursorTarget isKindOf "WeaponHolder"); //cursortarget is a lootpile if (!_isFriend || _isLootpile) then //if target not inside friendslist OR cursortarget is a lootpile { _display closeDisplay 1; // do not allow gear access cutText ["\nANTI-THEFT: You cannot access non-friends gear/backpacks in safezone!","PLAIN DOWN"]; //text }; }; }; Point is that if you are inside a safezone and there is another player within 6m:
      - if target player is not inside your friendslist = you cannot access their gear/backpack
      - if you target a lootpile = no gear access
      The problem is that it does not let me access anyones gear if there is another player within 6m, no matter if they are in my friendslist or not.
      Very tired trying to figure out what could be wrong, does this code look allright?
      Here's my whole fn_gearMenuChecks.sqf: http://pastebin.com/znjtWC8R
      Any help is appreciated
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