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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everybody, scuse me for intrusion :) If I did not make mistakes ... maybe I could create a script to unlock the doors through use of the hotwirekit... I did not understand how the system of credits on scripts works ... so I want to clarify that my work was based on a script of @salival to which I wrote in private before publishing this. I waited a week but not having received an answer...i think it is still right to make available to the community as much as I did... So all the credits go @salival because i am based on his garagedooropener... Now...this is my work: -1) custom variable.sqf: -2) custom fn_selfActions.sqf: -3) in custom script folder (under mission folder); red text in the script below is needed only if you want to log in .rpt when someone try a hotwiring. If you want this, you have to leave red text in the script and you also have to do step 4 STEP 4 and 5 to do ONLY if you want to see log in .rpt -4) in inf.sqf (mission folder); -5) in custom script folder (under mission folder); - FINISH :-) Obviously i think it can be improved and for this reason i make it public, so that those who know more than me can suggest additions or modifications... For example ... I added a public variable to know via the .rpt file when a hotwire was used and whether it was successful or not. Maybe you can also add a routine to signal in the map or through text message for all the players that someone is trying to force a door... I tried it on my server and it seems to work fine. I await your observations and suggestions. I repeat: ALL CREDITS GO TO @SALIVAL Thanks for the attention.
  2. Anti-Theft from locked vehicles by F507DMT add in variables.sqf: GearStorags = ["WeaponHolder","WoodCrate_DZ","Wooden_shed_DZ","WoodShack_DZ","StorageShed_DZ","GunRack_DZ","VaultStorage","LockboxStorage"]; add in dayz_spaceInterrupt.sqf: //Esc if (_dikCode == 0x01) then { _nill = execvm "scripts\esc.sqf"; //if use Anti-Duping by F507DMT (http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/32889-release-anti-duping-by-f507dmt-working/) DZE_cancelBuilding = true; call dayz_EjectPlayer; OpenGear = nil; }; //Anti-Theft from locked vehicles by F507DMT if ((_dikCode in actionKeys "Gear") && !(vehicle player != player)) then { if (isNil "OpenGear") then { (findDisplay 106) closeDisplay 1; if (!(cursorTarget isKindOf "Man") and (player distance cursorTarget <= 7) and ((typeOf cursorTarget in GearStorags) or (cursortarget isKindOf "AllVehicles"))) then { player action ["gear", cursortarget]; } else { createGearDialog [player, "RscDisplayGear"]; }; OpenGear = true; } else { (findDisplay 106) closeDisplay 1; OpenGear = nil; }; _handled = true; }; P.S. I recomend add "Open self Backpack" on button "H" add in dayz_spaceInterrupt.sqf: //open backpack on H button if (_dikCode == 0x23) then { if (isNil "OpenGear") then { (findDisplay 106) closeDisplay 1; player action ["gear", unitBackpack player]; OpenGear = true; } else { (findDisplay 106) closeDisplay 1; OpenGear = nil; }; _handled = true; }; with: Losing connection, drop loot, Esc, exit yes and Esc + G, losing connection, drop loot, exit yes.
  3. Hello, This post should help users that are looking for answers and have something unclear with the vehicle locking/unlocking dynamics. I will edit the 1st post to keep the answers up to date. "This way" - Ill mention topics that could help specify what I mean by the question deeper and also show you I know now and am not 100% sure of 1.) What does it mean an vehicle is LOCKED? - Only the original player that LOCKED can UNLOCK it back again? (TRUE/FALSE ?) This is TRUE - for some time, after the LOCK timer counts off (different to each server) anyone can UNLOCK the vehicle. - Server Restart clears the link between vehicle and player? (TRUE - everyone can unlock? / FALSE ?) This is FALSE - server restarts do not affect this link - only LOCK timer (different from server to server) does. - Group members can UNLOCK an vehicle that their group member locked? (TRUE/FALSE ?) - Can be locked only when in state UNLOCKED and NOONE is sitting inside. (TRUE/FALSE ?) This is TRUE, both must be true to LOCK a vehicle. 2.) What does it mean an vehicle is UNLOCKED? - If found UNLOCKED any player can LOCK? (TRUE/FALSE ?) 3.) Is there a way of stealing/changing ownership of an LOCKED vehicle? - Killing the owner (he is standing next to it) - does that do anything? (TRUE / FALSE ?) Killing the owner of an LOCKED vehicle does nothing, sorry :-( - Anything else... ? Nothing beside LOCK timer thicking off.. 4.) LOOTING an vehicle can be done only when in UNLOCKED state, right? True. SCENARIOS: 1.) I see a guy driving a KART (obviously UNLOCKED since he is driving) and I shoot him I can take his KART and use it as if I have bought it. True/False? This is a TRUE scenario. 2.) I see a LOCKED vehicle and I would really love to use it (I cant UNLOCK it - there was no restart since locking) what can I do to take ownership? - hide and wait for the owner to come and kill him right after he unlocks True. - wait for server restart and return afterwards? False. Server restart does not affect this. The lock timer does. - anything else? Nope. Sorry :( Lockpicks may come later 3.) It is 3AM and I see an empty base with a chopper on top. Obviously there has been an restart, If I come there with my friend and a chopper, am I able to steal it? Half true half false. The restart is not important - the lock timer is, so if that is gone, you may come and steal it very much! 4.) If I see a chopper landing in the safezone, and I am able to hide myself, as soon as he land, and gets out, in the time of <him getting out> and <locking> am I able to LOCK his chopper? - if all players should take care if landing going up to the safezone with players near True. Yet, its a 'dick' move and if you do it, ur a dick. :P Thank you
  4. *** UPDATED WITH A MAJOR BUG FIX IN THE DATE 2014-10-06 1:10 PM *** This update will fix the Repair Vehicle working always in all cases *** without the need of vehicle parts, wheell, glass, motor or tools *** The only file that changed was the file lock_god.sqf. Hi, Here is My Locked Vehicles with God Mode. FEATURES: - The Vehicles survives Kamikaze attack! - The God Mode not expires when the player exit the server! - Can be easily upgraded to plot proximity god mode or anything else! - Initial locked Vehicles have God Mode! INSTALLATION! 1) LOCK_GOD.SQF Create a file with the name lock_god.sqf, with the content bellow, and put it into a folder called custom inside your mission folder. if (isServer) then { "cad_pvar_set_veh" addPublicVariableEventHandler { private ["_veh","_godOn"]; _veh = _this select 1 select 0; _godOn = _this select 1 select 1; if (_godOn) then { _veh allowDamage false; _veh RemoveAllEventHandlers "handleDamage"; _veh addEventHandler ["handleDamage",{0}]; } else { _veh allowDamage true; _veh RemoveAllEventHandlers "handleDamage"; _veh addEventHandler ["handleDamage",{_this call vehicle_handleDamage;}]; }; }; }; local_lockUnlock = { private ["_vehicle","_status"]; _vehicle = _this select 0; _status = _this select 1; if (local _vehicle || isServer) then { if(_status) then { _vehicle setVehicleLock "LOCKED"; if (count (crew _vehicle) == 0) then{ //MIKE POST _vehicle allowDamage false; _vehicle RemoveAllEventHandlers "handleDamage"; _vehicle addEventHandler ["handleDamage",{0}]; cad_pvar_set_veh = [_vehicle,true]; publicVariableServer "cad_pvar_set_veh"; }; //MIKE POST } else { _vehicle setVehicleLock "UNLOCKED"; _vehicle allowDamage true; _vehicle RemoveAllEventHandlers "handleDamage"; _vehicle addEventHandler ["handleDamage",{_this call vehicle_handleDamage;}]; cad_pvar_set_veh = [_vehicle,false]; publicVariableServer "cad_pvar_set_veh"; }; }; };2)INIT.SQFOpen your init.sqf (located in your mission folder) and search for that line: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf"; //Compile regular functionsIf you don't find it, search for the line: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf"; //Compile regular functionsBellow it, add the line: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\lock_god.sqf";3) SYSTEM/SERVER_MONITOR.SQF:Now, to make initial locked vehicles invunerable until unlocked, you must modify the server_monitor.sqf server file, located in dayz_server/system/server_monitor.sqf: Change that: if(_ownerID != "0" && !(_object isKindOf "Bicycle")) then { _object setvehiclelock "locked"; }; To that: if(_ownerID != "0" && !(_object isKindOf "Bicycle")) then { _object setvehiclelock "locked"; //LOCK GOD BEGIN _object allowDamage false; _object RemoveAllEventHandlers "handleDamage"; _object addEventHandler ["handleDamage",{0}]; //LOCK GOD END }; 4) BATTLEYE EXCESSION: You need to liberate the public variable cad_pvar_set_veh in BattlEye. END It's done! I have done tests with players of my server. But feel free to make your tests so we have sure everything is ok!
  5. Hi All, I have a question to seasoned scripters please. First a little background, I recently started writing a basic script, lots of pain with 'general error' / 'object is null' etc. errors but finally there is some progress, things looking up at least it is fun! :D I now have some tools which I did not have on day0 - these help me save time suchas git setup on desktop+laptop+mobile and bat/cmd scripts to easily restart server and so on. However there is one issue which still feels like I am doing something totally wrong: each time I change a file, however tiny, I still need to restart the whole dam server which takes a good 2-3 minutes. 2-3 mins doesn't sound like a lot but I need to test a lot of things as you can imagine so 500per day x 2-3 minutes quickly add up to serious numbers [i admit I exaggerate the number a little but you get the point!]. Potential solutions/improvement options I read about: I read about Arma2Net but I don't totally understand the implications so I ignored it for the time being - also I don't know if it is an Arma2-only thing as I am currently working on Arma 3. I also came accross that command in BIKI (which I can't remember now) the one basically lets you reload a file while the server is still running thus (in theory) eliminating time-wasting restart - unfortunately Windows is putting a lock on the file and file cannot be modifed unless you use unlocker.exe etc. pulling files from under could affect arma3 game negatively and having limited time I have not done extensive tests on it either (just skipped it for the time being). I also thought about a potential virtualization solution (haven't read about it anywhere which suggests maybe not that good of an idea!) I do understand the extreme perf. penalty but when testing basic scripts it probably won't be an issue so perhaps quiesce snapshots is the way to go? So the above is my problem, what do you guys do to quickly change files & re-test? Is there a utility or some clever hack to improve the development cycle massively? Thanks in advance for any input! P.S.: (don't get mad awol but) in my quest for quicker restarts, for the time being I even dropped 'epochmod' from startup options. Once I have less 'general error's I will add it back to test the relatively mature code under Epoch. I read about different classnames possibly being an issue and that some BIS_fnc's might not working with Epoch (info source: Vampire's blog) so will need to definitely test in Epoch - as soon as I have something to test!)
  6. 1. The server you were playing on: Firecockgaming Epoch Server. 2. What arma3 build and what Epoch build you are using: Latest release of both Arma 3 and Epoch. I believe Epoch its 2.5.2. 3. What it was you were doing: I was opening my door in my base, and accidentally clicked "lock" after I clicked open, which locked the door. So currently it is stuck in the open position with no scroll wheel option. Relogging does not help. Have not waited for a server restart yet. 4. Is it repeatable: yes.
  7. I'm running 1.0.4, I have CPC Indestructible Bases script, which I modified a bit so that locked doors are excluded. I modified the array in dayz_server -> system\server_monitor.sqf to reflect the changes I wished to make, so that when server starts, any walls or floors that are in the database will be indestructible, except of course for the locked doors, which I commented out. / ### [CPC] Indestructible Buildables Fix _cpcimmune =[ "WoodFloor_DZ", "WoodFloorHalf_DZ", "WoodFloorQuarter_DZ", "WoodLargeWallDoor_DZ", "WoodLargeWallWin_DZ", "WoodLargeWall_DZ", "WoodSmallWallDoor_DZ", "WoodSmallWallWin_DZ", "Land_DZE_WoodDoor", //"Land_DZE_WoodDoorLocked", "Land_DZE_LargeWoodDoor", //"Land_DZE_LargeWoodDoorLocked", "Land_DZE_GarageWoodDoor", //"Land_DZE_GarageWoodDoorLocked", "WoodLadder_DZ", "WoodStairsSans_DZ", "WoodStairs_DZ", "WoodSmallWall_DZ", "WoodSmallWallThird_DZ", "CinderWallHalf_DZ", "CinderWall_DZ", "CinderWallDoorway_DZ", "CinderWallDoor_DZ", "Land_DZE_LargeWoodDoor", "MetalFloor_DZ", //"CinderWallDoorSmallLocked_DZ", //"CinderWallDoorLocked_DZ", "CinderWallSmallDoorway_DZ", "CinderWallDoor_DZ" ]; // ### [CPC] Indestructible Buildables Fix Just to be thorough, it also has this bit of code a little further down // ### [CPC] Indestructible Buildables Fix if (typeOf(_object) in _cpcimmune) then { _object addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {false}]; _object enableSimulation false; }; // ### [CPC] Indestructible Buildables Fix This works great as long as no one messes with your building until a restart. CPC already had a fix for that too, I took player_build.sqf from the dayz_code and modified it with the necessary fix, plus another fix, of course, for excluding locked doors. _object = createVehicle [_classname, _location, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _object setDir _dir; _object attachTo [player,_offset]; // ### [XXX] Destructible Locked Doors Fix _lockdoor = [ "Land_DZE_LargeWoodDoorLocked", "Land_DZE_WoodDoorLocked", "Land_DZE_GarageWoodDoorLocked", "CinderWallDoorSmallLocked_DZ", "CinderWallDoorLocked_DZ" ]; if (typeOf(_object) in _lockdoor) then { _object addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {true}]; _object enableSimulation true; }; if (!(typeOf(_object) in _lockdoor)) then { _object addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {false}]; _object enableSimulation false; }; This all works fine and dandy, except when *upgrading* your structure. I first noticed it when I could shoot a half concrete wall all day with a rocket launcher, but as soon as I upgraded it, it became vulnerable to destruction. The same goes for all upgradable structures, namely from open-doorways to doored-doorways if you get my drift. After playing around with player_build.sqf for a bit, I realized that this file is not used at all when upgrading a structure. Now I am at a loss, because I have no idea what to do next! What I really need to know right now is, where can I get or access the script that is called when a player upgrades an existing structure? Thanks in advance. EDIT: I figured it out on my own. I had to get this player_upgrade.sqf file from vbawol's repository. I edited it a little bit to reflect the changes I was wanting to make: // Create new object _object = createVehicle [_classname, [0,0,0], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; // Set direction _object setDir _dir; // Set location _object setPosATL _location; // ### [XXX] Handle Custom Destructibles if (!(_classname in DZE_DoorsLocked)) then { _object addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {false}]; _object enableSimulation false; cutText [format["This %1 is now indestructible. Swapping it for the old %2",_classname,_oldclassname], "PLAIN DOWN", 10]; }; // ### [/XXX] Saved it in my custom folder, then in fn_selfActions file I called it to execute instead of the generic one from dayz_code (which wasnt even in my dayz_code, weird) and it works great! All builds are indestructible except for locked doors. :-)
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