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Server FPS not constant


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34 Fps serverside is fine. If it starts to go below I think 15 Fps server side then I would look into some options. Also your min and maxbandwith should be adjusted.


MaxBandwidth is Bandwidth the server is guaranteed to never have. This value helps the server to estimate bandwidth available.


MinBandwith is Bandwidth the server is guaranteed to have (in bps). This value helps server to estimate bandwidth available. Increasing it to too optimistic values can increase lag and CPU load, as too many messages will be sent but discarded


They shouldn't be the same bps.

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Server FPS ~80 Players under 10 FPS


Some examples for Basic.cfg?


My System:

Win 2012 Datacenter Edition

Intel Xeon CPU E5-1620v2 @3,70GHZ

64GB Ram

3x160 GB SSD Raid


Internet Connection:

600 Mbps DownStream

900 Mbps UpStream

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I think it's interesting that of all the screenshots I'm seeing of people having FPS issues they all seem to be running Windows Server 2012. I'm on Server 2008 and have no performance issues.


We use Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Enterprise x64


We do not have any issues with server FPS for either our DayZ All In One Package or Epoch 3 Dedicated Servers.
But then again our servers are at the very least spec 32 Core Dell R620 With Multiple Enterprise 6Gbps Hard Drives so this is not surprising.

How many instances are you running & what are your dedicated server specifications?
Also please provide basic.cfg settings, and let us know of any other applications running on the same machine as the affected game servers.

Also it would be helpful to run an FPS check in-game then screenshot the results here:

1. Login to your game server.
2. Press the / key on your keyboard.
3. Type in: (Without Quotes) "#login password" replace "password" with your actual server rcon password.
4. Type in: (Without Quotes) "#monitor 1" -> This will echo out the server FPS (Not client FPS) and also the bandwidth currently being used in and out.
5 To End the monitor, simply repeat step 4 but use 0 instead of 1.

I hope this information helps sir.

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Windows Server 2012 Datacenter Edition.

Get Windows Server 2012 R2 or Server 2008. From comparison that I have looked at. Server 2008 R2 and Server 2012 R2 are almost identical. Difference is the GUI. Everything can be run simply from cmd or powershell to save on resources. Every little bit of cpu cycles count!

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I will check for Updates.

I hope it helps other users with the same problems.


This is my current basic.cfg



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We make some changes in the Basic.cfg and now the Server FPS are 30-45 between 30-40 Player. But still not an straight Line.

In the next Days we change the Root to an Intel Core i7-3940K.

attachicon.gifScreenshot (5).jpg


I am very happy to hear that you are now receiving higher server fps.

I would say this however, I would recommend you purchase an enterprise dedicated server for example: E1270V3 + 16GB ECC + 2x HDD in Raid 0 (Hardware Raid Card). Try to stay away from i7's for server hosting.

If you do not have an automated backup solution to backup your databases and important files and you are very worried about data loss then do not go with a raid 0, instead buy additional hard drives and go for a Raid 5 configuration. This will have parity and extra I/O you need, the best of both worlds.

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