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    script restriction #20 help

    Please ensure you open a support ticket so that we can investigate the cause of the script restriction. I am confident we will be able to assist you.

    Auto Ban?!?!

    I think this is to do with the server owner as many community members have suggested. We host over 1K Arma 3 servers and this does not happen on our network therefore I am 100% the issue can be resolved if you ask the server owner to fix his Anti-Hacks / Hack Detection scripts he is using. Perhaps it's out dated etc.
  3. One thing to check for as your first port of call is to ensure after you start the server that Redis is running and remains running after the server has finished it's startup procedure. Then if the issue persists ensure that your MpMission folder is consistent with the files and folders that should be present. Another check is making sure you as the client are loading into the game with the correct startup parameters set. If you loadup with missing startup options then the Waiting for Epoch message will appear and you will never load into the game until you fix the issue. Sadly beyond these basic checks I won't be able to offer further assistance as we can only support our official distributed files via the GTXGaming Network. With that said if you are a customer then by all means open a support ticket and we will run through a full in-depth investigation and will not stop until your issue is resolved and you are happy.

    What is OverPoch and why is it so popular?

    I am really happy for you, finding a server setup that works and is popular is probably one of the hardest tasks game server owners have to do. I wish you all the best in the future with your server and community. Please let me know if you require any further advise, you can reach me via private message.

    What is OverPoch and why is it so popular?

    If you are looking purely for a survival game-play oriented server, I would recommend you stick with playing DayZ Epoch & simply add additional content in order to further customize your DayZ Epoch Server.


    Traders don't work!

    @Georgie Please contact me via the GTXGaming Support System and I will be more than happy to investigate this for you. I agree with the Epoch community, your files are causing the issues here, probably due to an incorrect addon installation. I do not monitor the epochmod forums all that often but please do open a support ticket, Ensure you entitle the support ticket request as "FAO: Karl Griffin" so that it gets flagged to me. Then please reference this epochmod forum thread URL.

    [Info] A3 Version: 1.40.129533 - Steam Update

    [Fix / Solution] Script Restriction #0 - Post Patch Version: 1.40.129533 After updating your server to the latest patch Version: 1.40.129533 via Steam Update button on your control panel, you and your players are now being kicked when trying to use the map function. Click The Following Link: Please follow these easy instructions to resolve the issue Kind Regards, Karl Griffin General Manager GTXGaming.co.uk

    Server FPS not constant

    I am very happy to hear that you are now receiving higher server fps. I would say this however, I would recommend you purchase an enterprise dedicated server for example: E1270V3 + 16GB ECC + 2x HDD in Raid 0 (Hardware Raid Card). Try to stay away from i7's for server hosting. If you do not have an automated backup solution to backup your databases and important files and you are very worried about data loss then do not go with a raid 0, instead buy additional hard drives and go for a Raid 5 configuration. This will have parity and extra I/O you need, the best of both worlds.

    Server FPS not constant

    We use Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Enterprise x64 We do not have any issues with server FPS for either our DayZ All In One Package or Epoch 3 Dedicated Servers. But then again our servers are at the very least spec 32 Core Dell R620 With Multiple Enterprise 6Gbps Hard Drives so this is not surprising. How many instances are you running & what are your dedicated server specifications? Also please provide basic.cfg settings, and let us know of any other applications running on the same machine as the affected game servers. Also it would be helpful to run an FPS check in-game then screenshot the results here: 1. Login to your game server. 2. Press the / key on your keyboard. 3. Type in: (Without Quotes) "#login password" replace "password" with your actual server rcon password. 4. Type in: (Without Quotes) "#monitor 1" -> This will echo out the server FPS (Not client FPS) and also the bandwidth currently being used in and out. 5 To End the monitor, simply repeat step 4 but use 0 instead of 1. I hope this information helps sir.