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[Release] Mining 1.2 Updated 08/06/2014

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For me that doesnt work.

No menu option if im near, and i dont see any big rock like on ur movie.


Installed properly with ur notes.




Seems like adding


//Mining Nodes
    [] execVM "z\addons\dayz_server\<CUSTOM FOLDER NAME>\mining.sqf";


to the server_functions doesnt work properly.


Add to dayz_server.pbo / missions / DayZ_Epoch_X.Zzzzzz / mission.sqf

where X is instance number and Zzzzzz is name of the instance.


Obviously when copy paste from mining.sqf to mission.sqf, dont forget to copy only the part INSIDE if(isserver){  ...  }

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Doing what you did will work too. since the missions.sqf is where all teh traders are loaded from. never had an issue adding it the other way however. i always add my custom areas to the end of server_functions.sqf and they all work.

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I've been looking for this script for a long time and would like to download it. Unfortunately the links no longer work.

Can someone please help me and provide the script somewhere for download?


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