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  1. and the problem is back... took 1 month to the day and now ntdll.dll crashes on the new server.... Im at my wits end now.
  2. Thanks for the help guys it was a hardware issue, They gave me a new server and no crashes.
  3. i have been running them on 2010 and 2012 only... is 2013 required now as well?
  4. ive done that ebay and it came up clean, i have reinstalled server 2008 r2 and installed ONLY what i needed to run the servers and it had same crash. Just now i finished installing Win 7 on the same server machine and only the files needed to run the server and same crash yet again. The servers work on 2 other machines. Just this dedi i rent it crashes. However the ntdll.dll isnt supposed to be a hardware failure issue... http://puu.sh/izgqN/ab613a3731.png
  5. Servers do not crash on my local machine and run the DB just fine so its obviously an issue with my server...
  6. i started both games before i ran the server as it was a new install and had to for DX and BE. Memtest passed. Im currently running the servers on my home machine to see if they crash or not.
  7. It was every 5 minutes or so. Now its doing it whenever. This last time took 15 minutes and i was able to log in aand play with everything working then BLAM ntdll.dll crash. Othertimes it crashes 30 seconds after opening the console window. Crash is the same every time for all 3 servers. Code hasnt been changed in 2 months. I dont think it is DB since it crashes sometimes long before it ever loads the db.
  8. out of the blue all my servers started crashing ever 5 minutes with a fault in ntdll.dll. I run a Dedicated Win 2008 R2 server. I have reinstalled the server, this did not fix the issue, I reinstalled arma 2 and OA and overwrote the files in my server folders. This did not help. I cleared all of my log files, again no go... I did a chkdsk, no issues found. i have no idea what to do, im hoping someone has ran into this before.... Version 1.63.125548 Fault address: 77BEACEF 01:0002ACEF C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll file: world: Chernarus Prev. code bytes: 0A 8B C1 59 94 8B 00 89 04 24 C3 2D 00 10 00 00 Fault code bytes: 85 00 EB E9 90 90 90 90 90 8B FF 55 8B EC 8B 15 Registers: EAX:1DF0F000 EBX:00000022 ECX:1DF0EC0C EDX:01763B02 ESI:00000001 EDI:0000002A CS:EIP:0023:77BEACEF SS:ESP:002B:1E00EC38 EBP:1E00EC44 DS:002B ES:002B FS:0053 GS:002B Flags:00010206
  9. I have a script that closes the gear window when within say 6m of a locked car. It is apparently possible to glitch into the gear of a locked car and loot it. The script i use closes all windows though so if a player locks a car too close to a door the unlock screen gets closed. Or if a car is locked too close to a trader the trade window gets closed. _lockVehicle = ["Air","Car","Motorcycle","Tank","Ship","Truck"]; _pos = getPosATL player; _vehicles = (nearestObjects [_pos, _lockVehicle, 6]); //Close Gear Window near locked cars { if (locked _x) then { closeDialog 0; }; } forEach _vehicles; is there a specific GEAR Dialog i can close instead of 0.
  10. so if i dont use the expansion\beta\arma2oaserver.exe and just use the one in the base directory it lists...
  11. Started up my first Dedi Server today. got everything running great. the only hoop i have left to jump through is steam reporting. I cant get gametracker to scan the servers on the dedi and DZC and DZL havent picked it up yet either. There is no firewall issue as i have added exceptions. This is my config.cfg I have tried to get the server to scan on game tracker on port 2402 with query 2403 and 2404 but neither works. ip is
  12. So i have 12k objects in my DB. (still had the issue with only 400). I loaded the DB on my test server on my machine and ran it. 0 purchase lag. im starting to think its vert hosting....
  13. both servers are running about the same amount of objects and cars. about the same amount of AI. i have animals and zombies severely reduced on both servers. Yet cherno chugs along just fine. I found event when my napf install was brand new you would buy a vehicle from traders and it could take 10 seconds for it to fully initialize and lock.
  14. Doing what you did will work too. since the missions.sqf is where all teh traders are loaded from. never had an issue adding it the other way however. i always add my custom areas to the end of server_functions.sqf and they all work.
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