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  1. Hey there. I am customizing Alchemical Crafting to work from toolbox. Can you tell me how many items I can list in the dropdown menu without it breaking? And if that number can be raised to fir 46 items?

    i know its discontinued, but I would really appreciate it if you could help me out. 


    Thanks for the excellent mod and your time!!

  2. That's the thing that had me worried from the beginning of the contest. I think if we were talking about all these mods at 100% of what they will eventually become it would be a different story today. Not much you can do to compete, though, when you're already working on something so large that won't realistically be finished before the contest deadline. They may have also given much more weight to scores for things that were wholly original instead of a remake, (even though the remake is wholly original code wise). Either way, its awesome to see so many new mods out there for Arma 3. Seems like a lot of people have been happy to just stay on A2 because of the lack of content.
  3. I updated my headless client just before I reported that they were attacking me just fine and forgot to mention that. Not sure if it was what fixed it or not but I added localClient[]={""}; just after the line: headlessClients[]={""}; in my config.cfg. I had the thought that somehow locality was playing into it as they were definitely set to see me as enemy but weren't firing. After making those changes it seemed to work but I haven't tested it with other, non local players. There definitely seems to be some issues with non-local clients' spawned AI not 'knowing' about other clients.
  4. You may not know this but, when you spawn into the cloning area, the pedestals you use to leave are actually manhole covers. The recent earthquakes hitting Altis have scrambled the tubes and tunnels underneath the island! Sanitation, old utilities, cartel mule tunnels, they've all gotten mixed up somehow. Now when you leave the spawn area, you never know which tunnel you'll end up coming out of! Nearly 320 different tunnel exits have been noted so far! This will be a how to rather than a file dump as I'm still not clear on what epoch files they are cool with being posted. So my easy out was to edit the server settings pbo. I came up with this idea after talking with forum user Havoc302. He wanted to get rid of safezones and find a way to disperse players at random points. Since I didn't know which files in Epoch controlled all of the setpos calls from spawn teleporters I didn't want to even bother with that route since it could involve core epoch files. I decided that a trigger under the ocean would serve well as a layover point. When a player uses one of the teleport pads at the epoch spawn, they will be sent to a trigger in the ocean that will in turn run the sqf that chooses where the players go. I wanted to mention this as there is a less than a second time period where players will be looking at the bottom of the ocean before being sent to the correct destination. I have code to black out the screen, but since I have to let epoch do the teleporting first, it could still be on screen if the player or server are laggy. 1. Unpacking, editing and repacking the server settings pbo Download a pbo unpacker if you don't already have one. I use Mikero's tools for unpacking and PBO Manger to repack. You don't need PBO Manger, I just like that the right click option works well in most situations so I will write this assuming you have both tools. Mikero's is quite a few programs so take your time, go through the readme in the root directory and install all of his tools somewhere on the pc you use to write code. These tools are a must for any server admin who wants to make something different from all of the cut and paste servers out there. http://dev.withsix.com/projects/mikero-pbodll/files http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16369 Find your Arma 3 directory then go to @EpochHive\Addons\. After installing PBO Manager you will now have a right-click, context sensitive menu for pbo files. Right click a3_epoch_server_settings.pbo and choose PBO Manger>>Extract to a3_epoch_server_settings\ Inside the folder that was just created, find and open config.cpp Around line 245 you will find telePos[]. This array holds all of the start and end points of the three teleporter pads. The positions on the right are the destinations so edit each one like this: {200, 200, 0.1 } }, // Trader city 1 Make all three of them go to the same {200,200,0.1} location and save that file. Navigate back to the Addons folder and delete the original a3_epoch_server_settings.pbo. Right click the a3_epoch_server_settings folder and choose PBO Manger>>pack into "a3_epoch_server_settings.pbo" Now, when your server loads, it will send the same coordinates to epoch code whenever a player uses the teleporter pads at the central spawn. 2. Adding a trigger to your mission.sqm Here is where PBO Manager fails:( Some pbo's have compressed files inside and I find Mikero's tools in many cases where PBO Manager does not. Navigate to your Arma 3\MPMissions folder and leave that window open. Open another window and navigate to the folder where you installed Mikero's tools. Inside that folder look for DePboTools\bin\. Drag the epoch.Altis.pbo from your MPMissions folder and directly onto ExtractPbo.exe in the bin\ folder. This will create a folder in your \bin called epoch.Altis\. Delete the original pbo from your MPMissions folder then cut and paste your new epoch.Altis folder into MPMissions. Since it is named the same thing, your config will still load this mission if you choose not to repack it when you're finished with this tutorial. Inside epoch.Altis you need to find and open mission.sqm. Inside this file, look for the end of the Markers section around line 2100. After the final }; of that section insert the following code: class Sensors { items=1; class Item0 { position[]={200,-185.97,200}; activationBy="ANY"; repeating=1; interruptable=1; age="UNKNOWN"; name="player_spawn_bump"; expActiv="[] execvm ""custom\player_spawn_mover.sqf"";"; class Effects { }; }; }; Save and close this file. 3. Create and fill player_spawn_mover.sqf Inside your epoch_Altis\ folder create a new folder and name it custom Inside Arma 3\MPMissions\epoch.Altis\custom\ create a new file and name it player_spawn_mover.sqf Open that new file and paste the following code inside of it Save and close that file. You should now be good to go! NOTES: Some respawn systems I've seen in the past use code to randomly choose a location, find out if something in the exclude list is there, and setpos the player accordingly. I wanted to use an array of positions so I could control the locations a little better. Since they are set locations, however, I needed a very large list to keep griefing down as much as possible. Once I was joking about the tubes thing with a friend, it actually made more sense to go this route. While slim, there is still a chance that a player will die enough to see the same spawn twice, but even if they do, it fits the story:) I added in code to redirect players if the selected spawn point is within 30 meters of certain Epoch buildables. I didn't want to include everything but there are core pieces that I felt would be part of most bases and settled on this smaller list and the possible performance increase instead of a full list. You can easily add any object to the _built_objects array to check for. I'm not even sure if this will impact performance but I like to limit operations where I can. If you have certain areas you don't want players to spawn in, you may want to utilize that array instead of manually going through all of the spawn points to delete the offending ones. You could place that item on your map and into the _built_objects array, increase the 30 to 50-75 and keep any spawn point from getting used if its within that radius. I wouldn't go too much higher than 50 as you definitely will decrease performance with a really high number and a large amount of items like near cities. I also have not been able to fully test this bit out. If you find that players seem to have something in their base that needs to be added to the main list above, just let me know. Thanks for reading this far! I hope this helps gets some interest going on your server and if you find some errors or crazy nonsense, let me know as well and I will add your tips/changes to the guide. hogs
  5. I have this server side via PVEH: _veh call EPOCH_server_setVToken; and that was all it took for me to have tanks and helis, (that aren't in the allowed list in Liquid's post). Haven't yet seen any issues with things being deleted outright.
  6. No worries. You may want to also edit the line that gives secondary weapons. Pretty much all of the AI, by default, are spawning in with weapons that will take out tanks and attack helis if players put in the effort to pick them up. There are also anti-tank mines that spawn in the deployables as well. If you are removing tanks you might also want to remove all the weapons that are very OP against softer targets like players and cars.
  7. No idea, just throwing this out there, but does 7.9m Z spawn the item 7.9m over the ground, (underneath the water), or 7.9m over the water? The items could be getting damaged as they fall to the water but not sure. I was guessing that it wasn't being cleaned up only because I have tanks spawning in with my mission ai system. When something goes wrong with my mission I try to make a trigger that manually spawns the item in so I can be there and see exactly what's up. Or try spawning it over land somewhere and see if it still deletes.
  8. in the AI_Init.sqf you can change the Mission_Sets to have whatever you want. Just go to the line where it calls the tank I_MBT_03_cannon_F and change it to the offroad. Just look through every mission. These are made as generics and I wanted to include as many things as possible so they would be there as reference.
  9. That's really strange that skill seemed to make them work for you. I added in a bit of code in the serverPVEH to setfriend on the AI. I made them enemies with the other three sides and they seem to be spot on now. I forgot about the fact that baddies generally won't shoot at side civilian even if they fire at them. I think epoch has all of their ai running under FSMs that override this behavior. I just made them hate everyone. Updated https://github.com/hogscraper/HOGS_AI as well.
  10. same here drsubo! I started this one a while back and its funny when you see some code and remember where you learned it. That's interesting about the skill. I was noticing that even though I had given them ammo first, then the weapon, the ai aren't shooting me because they aren't carrying loaded weapons. I shot several just now and none were loaded. Maybe the skill, while not giving me an error is breaking the fsm to the point they won't even reload. more testing it is, then.
  11. With this system, everything is modular. For testing I turn static missions =true and make changes to just the first mission in the mission sets. This way you can leave everything you aren't testing alone. You can cut and paste to make new sets of anything so I would go into the AI gear section, copy and paste the first one into a new gear set 3, put a limited amount of things in there, then assign gear group 3 to ai mission_set select 0. With static missions=true it will only load that first mission so you can quickly get to the bottom of what's going on. I definitely remember many issues like this in A2 epoch where certain skins would make the players friends to the ai and they could walk into an AO and clean out the mission crate. As it stands, all AI in my system are spawned as side Resistance, so it might be the clothes. Especially if you guys are seeing ai spawned with other hc systems and they seem to work fine. I will look into assigning one of the epoch fsm's to the ai and see what that changes.
  12. I have always been against cowardice in games so I actually thought of this as a bonus instead of a bug. If you are ok with players being able to use vehicles to clear missions for practically free loot you may want to look into reveal. I think the issue might be that for whatever reason the HC is not 'aware' of vehicles spawned on another client or the server so I'm not sure what could do it. I did randomly have one mission where I ran over an AI while I was trying to steal the mission vehicle during testing and three seconds later he fell down dead. After that I wrote an EH to delete the bandit's corpse and any gear he dropped if killed by a vehicle, but after I wrote that I never saw another one die from a vehicle and decided to leave it as is.
  13. I don't currently have Chernarus on my test system but if this is something enough people want I could definitely work up the locations for you guys. Where do you guys put the main Epoch spawn in for Chernarus? Or is there a common place for all Cherno servers? If you would like to send me a download link to the mission.sqm you are using for A3 Epoch Chernarus I can make another mission folder in my github and put the info there.
  14. Hello Epoch forums! UPDATED:January 3rd (SEE NOTES BELOW) I wanted to post up my AI mission system I've been working on. I updated one that I had made for vanilla Arma 3 when it was in Alpha and a couple people I let use it thought I should give it out to the community. This is not meant to be a one stop AI system but rather a randomly generated compliment to a beefier AI system already in use on your server. Most AI systems seem to have large groups of bandits in one location and I thought a compliment to that would be other missions, running at the same time, that offered a hunt for players. For my standard missions, each AO will have AI spawned around a central location. This random generation of locations plus custom missions can spawn 30 AI roaming the hills in small groups, four large groups interspersed among a cities buildings, or anything else you would like. The idea I had was that no where should be safe, (except the central Epoch spawn island), so I have 50+ locations that will be randomly chosen from. These AI are bandits and terrorists. When they move into an area, they wire up C4 to any buildings they erect and any vehicles they bring in. When time runs out on a mission, if any enemies are left, they will detonate their belongings before they leave the area. If a player sneaks in and grabs a mission vehicle, they may have an explosive surprise in store on their way to the trader if the mission timer runs out. Any buildings the bandits erect will be destroyed as the next mission is called up. Prize boxes do not spawn until the AI are killed but if AI wander outside the AO, they will not be counted. This AI system uses a headless client, so if you haven't figured out how to set one up, you can check out my tutorial here: and the github: https://github.com/hogscraper/A3_EPOCH_Headless_Client This system is filled with more options than most server admins will ever want to look at. I originally wrote this for an admin who was more of a cut and paste kind of admin so I wanted all of my options to be in one file and compartmentalized. If you want a specific mission to have its own loot table on completion, you just add that switch to your mission and fill out a new prize pool. Same for AI loadouts. At its heart, this system is about having generic missions that are so randomized that they don't feel stale to the players trying to clear them out. If you don't like random, you can drill down into the options and fine tune pretty much everything. I also added mini tutorials pretty much at every section so you would know what you were looking at and what it did. Please look through all of the files but AI_Init is where you will find the init variables that control everything in this system. The main points of interest to anyone choosing to use this system: AI_Init.sqf lines 28-37: These are the main variables you want to look at and make sure are good for your server. Length of time before the mission despawns, time before the prize box despawns(if any),delay between missions, size of each AO and special missions. I wanted to touch on the Special_Mission_01 and _02 variables. They decide how many SPECIAL missions run. They will be chosen randomly, like the other missions, but you can set whether or not to run them at all and how many times they will pop up each restart. Currently, _01 is a building materials mission with tons of ai and _02 is under development and currently turned off. If interest warrants it, I will develop more building materials locations. This special mission is an example, (in the Mission_Sets array), of how to make a mission with most positions pre-defined. This means if you want a max of three of these to run each restart, each one of the three will spawn in the same location. You can easily cut and paste one of the standard missions from the set and change it to make a smaller building material mission as well. You must change these three things or suffer the consequences: 1. In the prize section, I listed one of pretty much every item I could think of. If you choose the default prize option of 0, every mission will get one of everything in that first prize pool. You can look through those options and decide to randomize the loot each time and decide the number of items and quantities. 2. In the AI gear section, look through what I've placed into the first AI gear pool. By default, gear will be randomly chosen, piece by piece from that section. Since I figured that section also works as a handy list of nearly everything you could give a player I felt it made sense to leave it all in there and let you, the server admin, decide what you wanted your AI to wear. Be warned, if you choose to go full random with the default items I have in there, you may eventually find yourself with an AI patrol where one guy is wearing a ghillie, the next guy is wearing a racing outfit with a fishing hat and the next guy is wearing a glow in the dark, blue VR outfit carrying an RPG. Its up to you to decide what kind of fashion sense your AI have. 3. In the mission section, the last mission is for you to change. I tweaked a few things in how the missions work and am working on adding more mission types, but the last one is generic in its statements. I did this because I like admins that pay attention to things. Just type in whatever you want the mission to tell players. Since I am a coder, and not a server admin, I can't help you with your BE filters at the moment. The ones in use where I test this are heavily modified for other custom code and not really something I would feel ok about sharing. I will try to get some time this week and work on a set that works for vanilla installs, but at this point I don't have them to offer. Editing them is fairly straight-forward and easy, it just takes a little more time than I have right now to do so from scratch. As far as the system goes, if you think I messed something up or have a great addition, please feel free to make a pull request on github or post it here. I gladly take suggestions when things can be made better but let me know either way what you think. If you feel lucky, here ya go: https://github.com/hogscraper/HOGS_AI NOTES: UPDATE:01/03/2015 Thanks to drsubo and willy for reporting a major bug! I added in a bit of code into the serverPVEH so that all of my AI are set to see East, West and Civilian all as enemies and should now properly fire on players in all situations.
  15. In this case, ESC is doing what they intended by closing out whatever dialog you have open when you hit it. The bummer here is that your camera can only be changed back through the dialog itself. At one point, I thought I added some code to the dayz_spaceinterrupt section of the Crafting_Compiles.sqf to change the preview variable to 1 so it would kick out of the preview but its been a while since I looked at it. If your dayz_spaceinterrupt is still the same as it was inside the first archive I'm not sure of a fix. Not sure. I was able to download both the old one and the experimental one no problems.
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