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  1. or what he means is.... add/set DZE_ZombieSpeed = [0,0]; To DZE_ZombieSpeed = [2,2]; And now u have walking zombies...
  2. Hi Guys probably this solution is there out somewhere but I can’t find it. So what is the problem? well I just downloaded the steamCMD and opened the .exe en logged in set location where it needs to install the arma but then. When I select the app_id of arma 2 it says no subscription i tried: 33905, 33910, 33900 none of them work. Then I go to the website of steamCMD and check there list of what the steamCMD supports and the arma 2 & OA are removed. :( so what’s the way to make the arma 2 server run as a service and not like we have on our desktop that I need to start steam login and start arma
  3. hey... had a question...... i m using this package......... now i have added the infistar.....and i added the spawn menu: ESSV3 the first login... i can select what i want.. no problem... then i die......... zombie or what else....... i relog then the screen stay stuck at slection woman or man... it freeze then crash EDIT: this fix for this: in AHconfig.sqf put _REF = true; to _REF = false;
  4. don't know if this is the right section... but i have a problem with infistar & dayz epoch 2 : ESSV3 script... for some reason....... the first time i enter the game the spawn menu works.... but when i die and then try to log back in... it crash the game...... and the login crash only with infistar enabled And before u guys ask for logs... there are no logs about the crash EDIT: this fix for this: in AHconfig.sqf put _REF = true; to _REF = false;
  5. Well do you know what the problem is you are helping them to avoid battleye filters.................. so u can say yea battleye battleye ow wait batteye man u allow them to fix around he battleye filters......... STOP MAKING THIS RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U ALLOW PEOPLE TO DESTROY OTHER SERVERS DATABASE
  6. Why do u even try to talk this right just stop....... U making it only more shitty then u already do by allowing this....
  7. wtf ur the most retarded person to allow them test script to fuck up other servers... wtf is wrong u suppose to help other server and be a good guy not a crazy person... Good to know u allow it..... I think it's kinda weird u say u allow them to use and then they go to other server to fuck and cheat what a good exemple is your server.... We as server owner suppose to stop them and help this community to STOP this kinda behavior not support..... And btw i don't see u post any filter to help the other servers to stop this......
  8. thanks for the fast reply...
  9. Are there any tutorials from this year? The most i have found are old versions :( And i like to set it up on a centos 7 system......
  10. thanks for this one.... looks nice :)
  11. Well is there a way to remove it from the logs ? or some how to disable it from the .rpt or way to fix it. It's really a insane amount of lines that's filling up the .rpt and how do you mean with the AH ?
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