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  1. Griefing and harassment is subjective, and each side will have their story about it. You can't lock those into server rules, except for very basic "don't steal at traders" but then 1 guy can mention someone stealing and that is sorted. If you have active admins. IMO having active admins watching players is key in here; repeatedly stalking/killing etc is someone only an admin can asses. W/E players say is by definition not true or one-sided (sadly) so you need objective eyes on it. Then talk to both sides and try to explain that it's a game and everyone is there for the fun of gaming / playing. I totally agree on base-raiding as retaliation, once.. If we see it happen over and over (especially when the defenders aren't there) that changes.
  2. Be "online" but don't forward/nat your ports... Running a multi-user game and not being connected to the internet won't work. So: make sure all outbound works, don't bother about inbound, and test away.
  3. It's completely free to use and to alter.. TBH I don't read the forums as much as before, due to losing interest (for now) in Epoch ánd a new job that takes quite some time from me :)
  4. There are scripts that actually lock up the server itself in infinite loops.. I've had several and took a lot of time to sort... basic steps : Add mods 1 by 1 and test, , and test again !! If 1 step fails, start googling or search these very forums and try to find the issue.. If you fail, post the mod that is causing the problems *and the scripts that you edited* and try to get support from the experienced dudes in here.. Glad you sorted it !
  5. It's douchebag. Learn your memes. Listen, when admins come here with questions that cannot be sorted in a limited game like Epoch, where the devs took much time to make it a survival game, and admins still wanting to have a full blown milsim, most *epoch loving* ppl will answer like I did : Get Wasteland, and have a blast... It's the same as going to WOW forums and asking for "how do I get a 120 power character so I can waste everyone and laugh at them".. It's pointless, unbalanced, and not part of what Epoch stands for.
  6. -Stop your sons from downloading pron, your daughters from downling Justin beeber videos, and your wife from getting "50 shades of grey" from uTorrent. j/k try https://www.speedtest.netand see if there are any issues with your bandwidth.. And yes, constant desyncs are NOT common; there's something wrong with your connection or PC. A virus, or being part of a botnet, is possible.. Let someone who knows look at it and sort it for you. Unless you live in the UK, and share your bandwidth with your 100 neighbors... Welcome to the 3rd world, internet side, which is called the UK.
  7. They get wiped out the DB at restart, even when being maintained.
  8. You're being hosted by Villager, so yeah, I agree with Richie; ask your hoster for advice..
  9. Search for "Wipe" on this very forums.
  10. So the epoch server uses that BE path ? Because normally it would be in arma\SC\Battleye To your 2nd question : can't be done, sadly :(
  11. If it's a dedi server, just check the Redis console.. There's plenty of posts suggesting you set it to 2Gb mem which sorts 99% of the problems.
  12. Normally that would be a version conflict or addon conflict.. When you're kicked without any report you normally just don't have the same mods loaded.
  13. nedfox

    Thermal Scope

    FLIR is way too OP, unbalances the game.
  14. Known "bug" , although no one ever found the solution; Devs have mentioned seeing the issue but no idea if it's going to be fixed in 0.3
  15. Good stuff !!! And yes, there will always be admins that want a quick fix, but I have had several ppl pm-ing me with genuine script questions, they will LOVE these !
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