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  1. Just an FYI on this. If you have uniforms set to dynamic there's a chance it'll pull the Dan uniform (underwear) so I'd recommend changing uniforms to use the table in the config file. Also, to get the chest rigs to work properly you need to disable "verify classnames." No chest rigs will spawn with the verification enabled.
  2. If you rolled Esseker or Cherno I'd be in heaven. Nonetheless, I'll definitely give this server a shot. My guild is looking for a home server.
  3. Got burned out on running my own server and I just want to play but every single server these days is easy mode. Ideally, I'm looking for a survival server with more realistic loot spawns, rare vehicles, and definitely some AI which drop realistic loot on top of the usual sappers, cultists, and drones. Anything like this exist still? I'm flexible on map but I really enjoy Esseker.
  4. Title says it all. I know ramps can be used to get people up to doorways on bases but it would be nice if we could just create a simple set of steps which are meant for exactly that and less resource intensive to build.
  5. Been sitting here trying to squeeze an assault pack into a carryall for ten minutes. I give up. How does one do this?
  6. I really wish they'd reverse the <ENTER> and <SPACEBAR> functions by default.
  7. These are my two biggest gripes with Epoch (and have been for awhile). The way the player spawning works it makes it really difficult to add additional spawn locations. Some people might have an easy time adding spawn locations but so far adding Halv's spawn mod seems to be the best route. Adding additional spawn locations in that is really easy and straight forward. It would be nice if instead of the man-holes we could just have a terminal that brought up a map and menu and an array laying around in a pbo somewhere so we can add additional locations without much fuss. I know this brings up the issue of safe zones but I think as long as a spawn selection menu clearly marks unsafe (custom) spawns it would be fine. Then give like a random spawn radius distance around the point for a final setting. My other issue is the loot spawning. The current mechanism is bad. I'm talking about the direction check every whatever seconds. It makes scavenging cities a PITA and all but forces players to just game it. There's nothing organic or natural about where loot spawns in Epoch. It's just run towards a building, spawn loot, run away, wait a few seconds, run towards another build, collect loot, et cetera, et cetera. A simple radius check on a timer with random-ish time and distance deviation would be better, IMO. There's my two cents. Feel free to add on, tell me I'm dumb, opine about cool future plans if you're in the know, et cetera :)
  8. Nope, players are civilians (purple) and there is no purple faction UAV. Independents are green, FYI.
  9. It's a faction thing, IIRC. Epoch players are civilian faction while the UAVs themselves are east/west. I tried adding a civilian UAV mod awhile back off Armaholics but I never got it working.
  10. Hmmm, so correcting the vestnames didn't appear to fix the issue.
  11. Having some trouble with A3EAI removing every single vest from the static arrays in the config file. Anyone know what's up with that? Here's what the RPT log says: EDIT: Nevermind, seems that at one point the devs deleted the "_EPOCH" from class names.
  12. Debug is set to 2 and I do NOT have any mention of epoch_vemf_reloaded.pbo in my RPT. I have the pbo uploaded to @EpochHive\Addons\. Does capitalization matter? In the readme the suggested pbo name reads as "Epoch_VEMF_Reloaded.pbo" and that's what I used, exactly. EDIT: Just tried it all lowercase and it still doesn't show in the RPT.
  13. Epoch has highly edited vehicle values which is why all of the classnames in the config.hpp end with "_EPOCH." For the longest time pickup trucks could carry more cargo than connex HEMMTs. But the vehicle values in Epoch are heavily customized to the mod.
  14. Hey IT07, Is there any type of initialization entry I should be looking for in the log? I can't get any missions to pop but I'm also not getting any errors. When I downloaded a few logs I did some searches for "VEMF" but the log shows absolutely nothing.
  15. Hmmm, got the server running with the mod installed but it doesn't seem to be popping any missions. Are there any special particular settings that need to be tweaked for Esseker? Looked through my log and I see zero mention of the mod. Here's what my config file looks like:
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