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  1. Psy, sorry it took me so long to reply. I was in the hospital having surgery. You might be on to something with the halo jump parachutes. I didn't have them on initially and didn't see any lag but about 10-15 minutes after turning them on the lag came back. Maybe something with position calculations on players?
  2. Psy, just a note on what we have been experiencing on our server. We sent a ticket into NFO Servers suspecting that the problem might be a network switch as several of our players were getting time out messages on a tracert when they were experiencing freezing. They responded that they didn't have any issues on their end but would monitor things. The next day a lot of the freezing and lag issues went away. Nothing was in the event log for NFO but I suspect something was changed on their end. Last night I also updated to the most recent version of Epoch which is server build 050 and put RHS and A3EAI back on to test the freezing issue and so far there has been none. Currently we are running Infistar in the the server folder as well as cup,asdg and both RHS mods. In the @epochhive folder we have WAI, FUMS, helicrash and custom loot spawn and so far everything seems to be running normal. We do have a player login issue directly after the server starts where it can take 15-20 minutes before the first player can have boots on the ground but I'm attributing that to a script or config error that needs to be fixed on my end.
  3. Psy, we have experienced similar issues. Currently we are using NFO Servers and have the same freezing that you have. When the server freezes then it stops writing to the report until it unfreezes then all comes back. I looked for client: object error and found the same ones you have, I'm not sure if they are normal errors but they are there. The active report doesn't have the EPOCH_server_handle_say3D.sqf but I have seen it before. Currently we are having very little freezing and one thing I tried was to set the memory allocator in the server start parameters to use system memory rather than one of the dll memory allocators that were introduced by BI. That seems to have helped but really it is to early to make a judgement call as to whether it is fixed. I'll keep you updated.
  4. Ok thanks Psy. We'll give that a try and see what happens and I'll suggest it to the other server owners. So far on our server we have taken off Ryanzombies, RHS, custom loot spawner and A3EAI and our freezing issue stopped. Would love to have all those back on though as the server is pretty dull to play on at the moment. I'll keep you updated on our findings.
  5. Ok this is the last I'm going to say anything on this. Continuing to rake me over the coals is childish and immature. Face is a big boy and any decision he made was made on his own. You don't know why he made the decision he did and are assuming it was because of people like me and the so called entitlement we have. Burning me at the stake for him leaving is wrong. Your looking for someone to blame and I'm a convenient target because of my post however if you think he left based solely on what happened here then you are sadly mistaken. Yes, I made a mistake and made a post when I was frustrated. It happens but it made me the villain of this little drama. I apologized for it and deleted it. Move on, there is a whole wide world out there away from this game and I suggest you open your door and look out....it's ok if you squint a little. That bright light is called the sun.
  6. Dawg, your post is aggressive and doesn't help anything at all. I already apologized for my post and as far as I'm concerned the issue is over. I never once said that A3AI is what is causing it. I said it could be a trigger for what is causing it. Reading comprehension is your friend. There is no reason to derail an active discussion from people that are trying to solve an issue that several servers suffer from. If Face left the community I doubt it had to do with any one thing and holding me personally responsible is both immature and ill informed. I don't feel like I am entitled to anything and I have tremendous appreciation for the man's work. If the thread continues as a personal attack when all I'm trying to do is help people with the server issues they have then take it to a PM or keep your mouth shut. The exile forum thread was deleted for a reason, take your vitriol and spew it somewhere else.
  7. First of all, I owe Face an apology. I came off pretty rude and obnoxious in my post and that wasn't my original intent. Personally, I haven't used A3EAI since the A3 patch in September, however I have tried to help 3 different server owners with the same issue. We have tried everything from server wipes, to data base wipes to installing scripts/mods one at a time and letting the server run for a day or 2 but the issue eventually comes back. My frustration boiled over when I saw Face's post and the perceived lack of apathy that I saw in it and the result was my post. I love the work that Face has done, been using his scripts since A2 and it wasn't my intention to trivialize that in any way nor the contribution to the community that he has made. I don't think that A3EAI is the cause, but do I think it is at least one of the triggers for what is causing it. As I said in my other post it seems that other mods are also causing it but the only mods that seem to truly affect the freezing reside server side and not in the mission download. The freezing seems to happen when I use the Infistar admin revive and teleport but not all the time. It also seems to happen when RHS was on the server, removing that cleared a lot of the lag. I also had Ryans zombies mod installed which again sits server side as a mod and had lag with that as well. So it doesn't seem like any particular mod/addon is the cause but rather the trigger. Going back to what bigsl said about the memory allocator makes a lot of sense. Maybe if we can all put our heads together and find out what each of us are running as mods/scripts we can get this figured out. I'm also using nfoservers dedi box with Windows 2012 R2.
  8. bigsl83, My concern is that even with a database wipe done, would the problem eventually come back? If it's a software glitch introduced with the 1.52 patch then wiping a DB would just be a band aid solution for the moment unless it fixes it permanently.
  9. Freezing issue (varies from 5 minutes to 20 minutes): Happens with A3EAI installed as a mod, also happens with RHS Escalation (in my experience) and to a varying degree any mod or addon installed server side. Problem only started after the last A3 update. A3 server freezes but RDP still works and the DB still tries to write information but isn't able to since it can't connect to a frozen server. Nothing is being written to the RPT because the server is freezing. Removing any of these mods resolves the freezing issue. It seems like the mods that cause the worst of the freezing are A3EAI and some of the admin functions using Infistar. At times it seems like a memory leak but the server never actually crashes, just stops for a while. One thing of note, restarting the server requires manually shutting down the A3 process in task manager as closing the server functions doesn't kill it. If a mod is installed in the epoch hive folder then the freezing time appears to lessen to around 5-10 seconds.
  10. removed post as it wasn't helpful to current issues
  11. rhammer, we are having the same issues that you are describing and have even gone so far as to completely wipe the server and start from scratch,installing each script one at a time and have narrowed the problem to A3EAI. It seems like it is a memory leak of some sort as it progressively gets worse until the server is unplayable.
  12. We are having a strange problem on our server. The server, after what seems to be a random time period, will appear to lag out and stops responding. Players will run in place, you can't buy anything at traders and anyone trying to join will not be able to. We run a dedicated server with NFO servers and when I log into the remote desktop the server appears to be functioning as normal. I haven't been able to find any errors in the reports or other logs but I can post them in case someone else would like to look. When I shut the server down and try to restart, with all functions closed the server says Arma 3 is still running. Pulling up task manager does still shows Arma 3 running and I can close it in task manager and can then restart the server. I have gone through each script one by one to see if it might be something with a script causing it and still happens. It only started acting like this after the last A3 update so I suspect it is something with that but I haven't seen any other forum posts regarding this particular problem.
  13. Thank you Floyd. I'm not using TADST. I have batch files that start and restart the server, database and BEC. I'll try your suggestions and see what happens. Thanks again for your help!
  14. I have a couple of questions on installing a HC. First I have found conflicting information on what you actually need installed on the server in regards to a full copy of Arma 3 or just the Arma 3 server files. We run a dedicated VPS using NFOservers and I have tried everything I can think of to get this to work and it won't connect to the server at all, it just sits on "Starting Dedicated server" and doesn't even try to connect to the server. I've tried local IP and have also tried the actual physical server IP and nothing has worked. What I have found looking around on the internet is that some people are saying you need a full licensed copy of Arma 3 in addition to a Steam install on the server that you are trying to install a HC to. Does anyone know if this is correct or do you just need the Arma 3 server files for it to work? If it's just the server files then I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I've tried multiple configurations, setting it up in a separate profile, the same profile folder, different parameters and nothing is working. I have even re-downloaded all the server files and installed those again with no luck. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks! This is what I have in my config: localClient[]={162.xxx.xxx.xxx}; headlessClients[] = {"162.xxx.xxx.xxx","69.xxx.xxx.xxx",""}; battleyeLicense=1; And this is what I have for the HC server parameters: start HCserver.exe -client -connect=162.xxx.xxx.xxxx -profile=C:\Arma 3 Server\HCprofile -port=2312 -nosound [email protected]; I forgot to mention I am seeing this in my server report, a google search shows this might be HC related but I'm not sure how to fix it. 12:00:28 Global namespace not passed during: false 12:00:28 Error in expression <false> 12:00:28 Error position: <false> 12:00:28 Error Local variable in global space
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