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  1. never mind forget to update the filters
  2. thank you so much for your efforts @viper179 @Ghostrider-DbD-
  3. Tophi


    yup forgot to update be filters all good ty
  4. Tophi


    players are getting kick on remoteexec.txt : 28.01.2016 19:23:25: sergiovidal (68.xxx.67.xxxx:2304) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - #0 "epoch_server_checkplayer C Alpha 1-1:1 (sergiovidal) REMOTE" any advice?
  5. any news on server and client updates to address the animal behaviours?
  6. your welcome the only i need to add when i have time is the prisons and the cops stations buildings... thanks to DirtySanches that makes them enterable nope they dont... i havent check that map but is easy to do it a3editor is the answer to do that hehe just go on it and browse all the cities for buildings click on them copy and paste and then save them to a sqf. file your welcome bro and agreeee
  7. Im wonder too... Any one?
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