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  1. godmode8


    when a player enters the server near a certain object, he must be teleported to certain coordinates. I am writing through a translator, sorry
  2. godmode8


    Hello. I want to make a teleport from a certain object at the entrance to specific coordinates with a certain radius. For example, the player enters the item "Veins", we tilt it to the coordinates [22491.3,20059.3,0.001] with a radius of 150. Tried to do through server_PlayerLogin but failed. I ask for help.
  3. how to make multiple timers? For example, for 20 30 40 seconds and choose randomly?
  4. a bit off topic, but I do not know where else to ask. Mod 1.8.9, it is necessary to forbid to change clothes at places of storage (tents, caches). Players dyuping. I tried everything already.
  5. The standard file is unchanged. I'm trying to run a pirated server on BetaPath 112555, I think the whole thing is in it. On another resource, I read that it's impossible to run 1.0.6.x on an old beta.
  6. after installing in the lobby I get this error how do I fix this?
  7. Works on an epoch, but does not work on overpoch :(
  8. godmode8

    2 bug, need fixes

    Hello. I found 2 bugs in version and I do not know how to fix it. Bug # 1: When removing a 30m plot, you can open inventory and move tools and a crowbar into the backpack. You can not be afraid that they will break. Bug # 2: I use a custom script that forbids the opening of the inventory of closed transport. fn_gearMenuChecks.sqf The problem is that if there is one weapon in the transport, you can take it through the menu, turning the mouse wheel (Link to Menu) . Players learned to duping this way. Is there a solution to these problems? I will be grateful for any help. Sorry for mistakes, I'm writing through a translator.
  9. godmode8


    Fix: create custom player_lockVault add if ({isPlayer _x} count (player nearEntities ["Man", 10]) > 1) exitWith { cutText [format["Anti-Dupe: You text"], "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; under if(DZE_ActionInProgress) exitWith { cutText [(localize "str_epoch_player_10") , "PLAIN DOWN"]; };
  10. godmode8


    Hello. I found dupe on server. We need 2 players, 1 safe. 1 player opens the safe and departs from it by 5 meters 2 player starts to pack safe 1 player runs up and closes the safe. Get 2 safes with the same loot. Fix: Cancel pack safe when within a radius of 10 meters there is a player or cancellation 5 second delay before packaging. Code poorly understand, need your help. I am writing through an interpreter, sorry.
  11. use infistar parameter in AHconfig.sqf _FTG = xx
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