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  1. Glad to hear, that's awesome :D . As for the MBT_NAME. Very strange. When you say it doesn't work you mean it doesn't change the name of your item in texts like "You have opened x"? Or if you mean that it doesn't change the name in traders then it's not supposed to. I have it in the video yes, but I ultimately decided not to include it in the installation to make the instructions as noob-friendly as possible. If you want it, you can see this post here:
  2. Hotwire kit is an item yes but not a tool. It's classified as a magazine. Trust me I debugged this script with that item the whole time.
  3. Okay so, the first little update was pushed. New files are now up on my GitHub page. Thanks f3cuk for the loot tables & ideas. To update just replace config.sqf and open_brief.sqf. Changes: * Added more items and balanced things out more evenly * 1 magazine now correctly displays "+1 magazine" * group_wep from config can now also be used for tools * When creating a group_wep in config you can add quantity 0 for items that have no magazines (ie. for tools and chainsaws) * Fixed bug where it showed "+2 magazines" even if magazines weren't added * Randomizer idea changed a little. You don't have to have a total sum of 100% in the rarity field (updated first post for better explanation.
  4. ItemBriefcase_Base is just a base item for all the other briefcases. It looks exactly the same as any other briefcase except it doesn't have any properties. It's literally an item without a function. As CordlAsis said empty briefcases and all the other ones have different class names. Once again thanks for the kind words people.
  5. This is great. Though I never added the tools part because tools are considered as weapons in the game. You should be able to make a tools group with "group_wep". Only difference is that group_wep also generate mags. But it does so only if mags actually exist, so tools should still work fine. But I actually just noticed a little visual error regarding this. I'll update the main branch later today with improved loot tables and the visual fix. As for the player_traderMenuHive part thanks for including that part in as well. I had this in the example video but never included it as part of the release. Thought it'd just make things more complicated for the less-experienced if you don't have a custom player_traderMenuHive.
  6. One suggestion that would make this one even more epic is to add vehicles ( spawn it nearby and add key to the crate). You might want to checkout how Jossy did that with Wicked AI. Cheers! Thanks for improving the list. You're right about gems. By default they're not really worth anything. I added this keeping in mind my own server where they're quite rare and worth a lot. Although I noticed a little error in your conf. You've inserted 100000 coins under Rares even though under Legendaries you have no more than 50000. Probably a typo just one 0 too many. I actually thought about adding vehicles but I figured I'd release the initial version first and see if any major issues surface. I think I'll be adding vehicles soon when I have more free time.
  7. Thank you for the kind words. Appreciate it. Edit// Zipper, I added your fix to the main post.
  8. Oh yes, that. I completely forgot about that. diagLogr is a completely separate script I use for debugging. It uses public variables and therefor players are being kicked. I accidentally left it in when I was last debugging it. Completely forgot. Updated the files & removed all debugging. You shouldn't get kicked anymore and you don't need to add diagLogr in publicvariable.txt.
  9. I found laptops to be a bit of a pain as well. From the very beginning I switched it out with Infostand_2_EP1. It's much more stable (physically) and easier to access. Or you can use a NPC instead which is probably even better. See here for a quick guide:
  10. No filter needed, default ones should be enough. It doesn't use anything that explicit. Infistar is a different matter though. You probably need to add some UI exceptions in there as far as I know but I don't have Infistar myself so I probably need someone else's help with that. Thanks and yes, you're right. It can be used for that. Thanks, hope you'll find a good use out of it.
  11. Version 1.1 (Last update: 13.11.2014) What is this? Mystery Briefcase is a simple addon script that turns an otherwise completely useless item into a prize-giving briefcase. You obtain the briefcase, right click on it, select Open and you are rewarded with 6 randomly picked items ranging from beans to chainsaws. Similar to Battlefield 4's battlepacks. Perfect for giving away during events. Demo video Check this video below for a more clear explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NxaCW_28xU Requirements Epoch mod or later Maca's Right Click Option script (can be done without if you know what you're doing) Download Download available here: https://github.com/Rocu/Epoch_MysterBriefcase Installation Firstly, download & install Maca134's Right Click Option script if you haven't done it already Un-pack your mission's PBO (using PBO manager or a similar tool) Download Mystery Briefcase files from my GitHub page Copy the mbc folder into your mission's addons folder. If you don't have an addons folder in there then create it. (For example config.sqf path should now be: Your_mission_folder\addons\mbc\config.sqf) Open description.ext (from mission PBO) Find: class DayZ_loadingScreen Above it, add this: class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {Brief_Open_Sound}; class Brief_Open_Sound { name = "Brief_Open_Sound"; sound[] = {addons\mbc\brief_open.ogg,0.4,1}; titles[] = {}; }; }; Note that if you already have custom sounds in your description.ext then just add the Brief_Open_Sound class manually (using the example above) At the bottom of description.ext, add this: // Mystery Briefcase by Rocu #include "addons\mbc\dialogs.hpp" Save & close description.ext Open up your custom compiles.sqf file (if you don't have one, ) At the very bottom, add this: // Mystery Briefcase by Rocu call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "addons\mbc\config.sqf"; Save & close compiles.sqf Open extra_rc.hpp (if you installed Maca's script correctly you should have that file in \custom\ folder) Find: class ExtraRc { Below it, add: class ItemBriefcase_Base { class OpenSurpriseBrief { text = "Open Briefcase"; script = "execVM 'addons\mbc\open_brief.sqf'"; }; }; Save & close extra_rc.hpp Re-pack your mission's PBO and you're done! If you wish to further configure the script you can do so in the config.sqf file. For Infistar's Anti-Hack users you may want to add this as well: Additional info NOTE! When you first install the script you should know that the briefcase item itself doesn't spawn anywhere by default so you need to add it to the game manually. You can add it to the loot tables or traders using the following class name: ItemBriefcase_Base. It does support Zupa's Single Currency (gives out cash as a reward). If you don't have Single Currency it will still work perfectly, just don't put coins in the reward list (it isn't there by default). If you're planning to sell the briefcase in traders I recommend not setting it's price lower than 200,000 (or 2 briefcases if you're not using Single Currency). I haven't really spent ages working on balancing the reward but 200k should be a decent price for this (considering how sometimes you won't even get 50k back but sometimes you quadruple your profits). Technical stuff For the more technical guys out there - as you can see I used the ItemBriefcase_Base class for this script as it has the model of a briefcase but no other properties. I understand it's being used as base item for other briefcases but AFAIK it doesn't affect any of the other briefcases. The script itself isn't really a game changer. Just generates 6 random items with a little UI and puts them in a box. It's completely independent and doesn't rely on other scripts which means if one were to reverse-engineer it you could attach it to virtually anywhere. If you're editing the config file the rarity field doesn't have to sum up to 100% anymore. The percentage of item's rarity depends on the sum of the rarity field. For example, let's say we have only 3 items in the loot table with 50 rarity for every item. This means that every item actually has 33,3% chance of being picked. But for the sake of the script's speed I recommend you keep the rarity number as low as possible. Having 3 items with 1 rarity is a lot better than having 3 items with 50 rarity even though in both versions they all have 33,3% chance of being picked. Credits Maca134 - For the right click option script Zipper - For Infistar's AH compatibility f3cuk - For contributing to the script +Many others who've been very helpful lately!
  12. What are you asking here? You want to open & edit his bank locations in the Editor?
  13. Yes. Not hard at all. Take your script that adds coins, and add this around it: _coinsRandom = random 1; if (_coinsRandom <= 0.5) then { [your code here] }; So this has a 50% chance of adding coins to your AI. If you want to change it just change "0.5" to something else.
  14. This means there's somewhere a GUI file that already uses a classname with that name. Either find that file and delete that class (named RscTextT) or just open that same defines.hpp file and delete it from there.
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