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  1. Nemaconz

    Sapper-Free Bases

    The bloodsucker lives! (well by lives I mean he is now moving around and performing his animations correctly) http://i.imgur.com/n0Yraik.jpg http://i.imgur.com/CVj4COG.jpg Still got a lot of kinks to work out, this thing was poorly designed and I'm just not talented enough to rebuild the entire thing from scratch but it'll do the job there is no doubt about that. When the time comes, I'm gonna need to work with a more experienced scripter than myself, that sound issue is going to be the death of me but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. More updates to come.
  2. Nemaconz

    Sapper-Free Bases

    A little update on my progress, I got the model working in ARMA 3, this is a big accomplishment for me because I have never even attempted anything like this before. A step in the right direction, I'm hoping to have this worked out and ready for release in the coming weeks. :) http://imgur.com/vX4eVGN The pic is wide because I use triple monitor.
  3. Nemaconz

    Sapper-Free Bases

    I may just take you up on that offer my friend. As you can see I've already constructed him completely in Oxygen 2, I had to remove some old proxies that were organic to ARMA 1 & 2 and have to substitute with ones from ARMA 3, that shouldn't be difficult at all. Once I put them in game I need to see how the animations play out, I have a feeling I will need to do some adjusting with that but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. The next step for me is making the sounds work, in Namalsk the bloodsuckers play their sounds via rSAY and call RE, well we know that does not work in ARMA 3, so I have to come up with another way to play their sounds and I don't want to use EH's. So far, I can only get units to produce sounds locally on the clients machine, I need to find a way to broadcast them on the server so they are sync'd, don't really care about JIP for these but if I could do that too it would be cool. I'm sure I can modify the follow and attack scripts without much difficulty. So yea, I'm moving right along. EDIT: Well going through the blood_follow.sqf I can see that calling other scripts or performing animations also uses call RE, example: [nil, _mut_target, rEXECVM, "\nst\ns_modules\mutants\scripts\blood_dayz_att.sqf", _mut_target] call RE; or [nil, _mutant, rSwitchMove, "AmelPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_amaterUder2"] call RE; This should be fun... :/
  4. Nemaconz

    Sapper-Free Bases

    I got all the tools, it's just going to take time and patience. :)
  5. Nemaconz

    Sapper-Free Bases

    I have actually been given permission by Sumrak to do what I want with the bloodsuckers, he has even given me the source files for them and the mutant zombies from Namalsk so that I can attempt to make them work in Arma 3. I am attempting to do this now. I'm no modeler so it will take me some time to work it all out, but if I can get it figured out I will release it. Editing a server is one thing, using Oxygen and getting this compatible with Arma 3 is another, but I am determined.
  6. Good old remoteExec, had a lot of fun with that in Arma 2.
  7. Yea I'm with Kroenen on this one, for the love of Jane Russell's big fat horse's ass on toast, bring back SQL for the database!!! I too have this vehicle problem and it's driving me up a friggin wall. I'm afraid that after even a short period of time I'm gonna have 2000 vehicles on my server of which only 50 or so are actually spawning on the map. One thing of importance I have noticed is that I get vehicles spawning vertically inside of buildings, they will not be shown on the map but they are in fact there in the real world, so perhaps that is where a lot of these "missing" vehicles are going. They're not showing up on the map but they are there because the DB for some insane reason puts them there. But, another odd thing about these vehicles is that you can walk right through them or shoot right through them like they're not even there. There is no ability to inspect them or get in them. This should do wonders for performance. Editing and modifying the database is the equivalent of someone using a dentist drill on your molars without the aid of novocaine.
  8. So I'm installing the SMD pack for Sahrani and trying to get it to run for Epoch. Pretty much everything in my opinion is done correctly, I've edited the mission.sqm to include the addons, I've edited my a3_epoch_server_settings.pbo to include sahrani.h file and edited the config.cpp with #include "configs\maps\sahrani.h". I created an epoch.sahrani.pbo in the MPMissions folder with description.ext and mission.sqm. I've changed my launch parameters on my server to: @smd_sahrani_a3;@allinarmaterrainpack;@Epoch;@EpochHive As far as I know everything is where it should be, however when I fire up the server I am getting: Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds.sahrani'. I cannot seem to find the file to make the entry for CfgWorlds. Anyone know how I can remedy this or spot a flaw in my logic? Thank you!
  9. Nemaconz


    Just a general question, I used an attachto command on one of my AI's to attach a random object and in the report log it says that attaching non-ai objects to an ai is not allowed. Is this an epoch or Arma thing? Because in Arma 2 I used to attach all sorts of things to my AI with no problem. Thanks!
  10. First things first, there is no need to have three if (!isDedicated) then {, merge those. Second, take all of your execVM's at the top and put them at the very bottom after the client scripts. Also, look in your report log and see what the problem could be. The log is very good at helping you zero in on what issues you may or may not be having.
  11. Well that was the thing, I was originally using _x but in the report log I kept getting _x not defined as an error so I used a non-magical variable and just defined it.
  12. Sorry looking at it I forgot a line at the bottom of the init PV, it is: if (!isDedicated) then { Code = { 'SoundBroadcaster' addPublicVariableEventHandler { _args = _this select 1; _aiunit = _args select 0; _soundClass = _args select 1; _aiunit say3D _soundClass; }; }; publicVariable 'Code';
  13. Ok I switched it up, in the AI file I have: while {alive _aiunit} do { if ((_player distance _aiunit) < 500) then { SoundBroadcaster = [_aiunit,'_sound']; (owner _player) publicVariableClient 'SoundBroadcaster'; uisleep 5; }; } forEach playableUnits; with _player previously defined as: _player = playableunits; I have this in my init: if (!isDedicated) then { Code = { 'SoundBroadcaster' addPublicVariableEventHandler { _args = _this select 1; _aiunit = _args select 0; _soundClass = _args select 1; _aiunit say3D _soundClass; }; }; So I'm getting this error over and over again because obviously I have it looping: while {alive _aiunit} do { if (_player distance _aiunit < 500) then { SoundBr> 0:03:16 Error position: <distance _aiunit < 500) then { SoundBr> 0:03:16 Error 0 elements provided, 3 expected 0:03:16 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Bornholm\addons\AI\Unit.sqf, line 26 0:03:16 Error in expression < I think it is expecting the position of the aiunit to be defined with a coordinated array, like [x,y,z], it's odd because in Arma 2 I could just use _player distance _unit with no problem. Even if I change _aiunit to_position and define it as _position = getPos _aiunit; I still get the error. Not sure how to define the variable so that it can get the elements it is expecting.
  14. Yea I gave that a go, still nothing, god I friggin hate these event handlers. I know once I get them down there will be nothing to them but until then I'm struggling to understand them, reading the wiki's and looking at other forums helps but it still doesn't put it together for me. I need to see a clear cut example of one from start to finish that isn't apart of a mega script. Thanks for the suggestion brother, I'm a few steps closer I'm sure. I'll get this eventually.
  15. Since there is no more RE and I cannot use BIS_fnc_MP because it has been friggin disabled, I am trying to get my server side AI to make some sounds using eventhandlers which I have limited experience with, the last time I messed with one was several months ago. I am trying to get the sounds to play on the clients since that is the closest thing I can get to having the sounds sync'd and am not having too much success. in my init.sqf for the mission file I have this: if (isServer) then { _aispawn = [[4019.26,8378.12,0],3000,100,1,0,0] execVM "addons\AI\test.sqf"; Noise = 0; "Noise" addPublicVariableEventHandler {[_this select 1] execVM "test\sound.sqf";}; }; In my AI script I have this after the unit is created: Noise = 1; publicVariable "Noise"; [Noise] execVM "test\sound.sqf"; and in my sound.sqf I have if (!isDedicated) then { if (_this select 0 == 1) then { playSound "test"; sleep 10; playSound "test"; sleep 10; playSound "test"; sleep 10; playSound "test"; sleep 10; playSound "test"; sleep 10; playSound "test"; sleep 10; playSound "test"; sleep 10; playSound "test"; sleep 10; playSound "test"; sleep 10; playSound "test"; sleep 10; playSound "test"; sleep 10; Noise = 0; }; }; My AI spawns fine and does what I tell him to otherwise, but I still cannot get the sound to come across on my client, can anyone see a flaw in what I am doing? I have my sound file listed in my description.ext under CfgSounds and I have verified that the sound will play in game so I know that is not the problem. Thank you!
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