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  1. You can kill the player with:

    player setDamage 1.0;
    You can make player fire (may have systax error):
    player secondaryWeapon "fire";
    And you can schedule player death for when he fires (may have systax error):
    player addEventHandler ["fired",{player setDamage 1.0;}];
    player secondaryWeapon "fire"; //will shot and launch the event scheduled above {player set Damage 1.0;}
    The shot that comes from the secondary weapon do not hurt the player, what kill hin is the comand "player setDamage 1.;0".

    I just need to check the syntax for the last 2 codes. I'm not at home and can't do it now.

    Asian Kid, by the way, and sorry to ask, who is that person in your Avatar? He have "Xavier" in its name? Thankyou.

  2. I was working in my personal Pocket Bike Script:


    Still missing on the Dramatic Suicide Script:


    1) If player is crouched or proned, there is a out of sync beteween sounds and animation, because the player firstly need to stand up.


    Solution: Check if the player is stand up befor offer the suicide option.

    Know  how to do?: No, but i believe its a simple check like the "_CanDo" check "If (_CanDo) Then {...}"


    Not sure if player scream can atract zombies:


    2) Solution: use a piece of code from Player2/cen bike script that alert zombies in a x meters radius (x will be 35).

    Know how to do?: Yes.


    Will try to solve that now.

  3. The server_monitor.sqf file manages the spawning of vehicles for the server.

        //  spawn_vehicles
        _vehLimit = MaxVehicleLimit - _totalvehicles;
        if(_vehLimit > 0) then {
            diag_log ("HIVE: Spawning # of Vehicles: " + str(_vehLimit));
            for "_x" from 1 to _vehLimit do {
                [] spawn spawn_vehicles;
        } else {
            diag_log "HIVE: Vehicle Spawn limit reached!";



    I does nothing if _vehLimit <0 so this may be why they have so much vehicles. Need to remove then manually in object_data table. Don't?

  4. Thankyou for the reply, cen.


    About character_data:


    I understand this behavior is aplicable to changes on character_data, without deletion of the line.


    If i delete a line of a dead body from the character_data table, the dead body disapears instantly in the game?

  5. I like to say thankyou to Grafzahl for the Suicide Script.


    I made is happens faster, and more dramatic.


    Aditional info:


    - Player scream sound is in-world and can be heard by other players and zombies.

    - The gun shot sound, for the player, is the normal gun *ploc* and a personal dramatic gun shot that is not heard in-world. The others just listem the abitual gun *ploc*.



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