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  1. Hey Striker if you still around can you contact me on Steam (Morggin) i used to play PapaBear on your Dayzbox server.

  2. Hey Striker, would you be willing to give the Epoch team permission to include your build vectors addon in 1.0.6? There's quite a bit of modification that may need to be done so it would certainly be a lot easier for everyone.


    I couldn't send you a private message since it says you cannot receive them

  3. Hey Striker were you ever thinking of releasing what you have done so far with your dayzChunks?



    1. striker



      Hey Joshyy,

      There is still way to much that has to be done to it. To be honest, id have to rewrite it. As of right now, life is way to busy and I will not be working on or releasing this project anytime soon.


    2. Joshyy


      Oh, maybe you should consider showing what you've done so far to ebaydayz he might help you finish it and it could be put into epoch 1.0.6. Thanks for the reply though!

  4. Hey, would like to see if you wanted to help with a new mod... if so message me back or join my teamspeak: zombieville.net

  5. Hey guys, Ill am releasing a SBP only version soon as P4L is too buggy. Which means ill probably drop support for it as well. striker
  6. Hey guys! Finals week is over for me and now I have a 2 week break! :) Which means ill spend most of it working on scripts. Therefore, I will be opening the book on this script again to get something out to you guys so you can test it. striker
  7. Alright, Can I see your player_build_publish and player_upgrade files. striker
  8. Hey, Just a hint to where that is occuring in player_upgrade.sqf. Similar in player_buildingDowngrade: if(_objectID == "0" && _objectUID == "0") exitWith {DZE_ActionInProgress = false; s_player_upgrade_build = -1; cutText [(localize "str_epoch_player_50"), "PLAIN DOWN"];}; Can I see your server_monitor.sqf? striker
  9. Hey, Currently working on updating the array in the server_updateObject.sqf Might have files tonight. :) striker
  10. Hey, That is a common error that I need to sort out, script should still work as expected. striker
  11. Do you have any errors in your logs that might help? Your files look fine to me from a quick glance. striker
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