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  1. BUMP! Servers back up finally. New owners and new experienced admins. THE ULTIMATE AI BASE IS BACK!!!
  2. Caveman

    need help with zombies

    Sorry that's my fault. I changed the zombie humanity points to 25...default is 5. Find this file local_eventKill.sqf..either in custom or scripts folder. You can see where 25 is...just change it to what you want
  3. bump! This server is more for admins looking to check out new missions and scripts before they are released, but of course all are invited to play here. No donations or pay to win. You earn levels by gaining or losing humanity. Each level you gain your gear and weapons get better. you also get access to special traders and secret missions from the super trader. Admins on this server dont PVP
  4. WE ARE BACK....SORRY FOR THE DELAY FOLKS...MY WIFE WAS A BIT OF A #@%$ Overpoch Chernarus **new IP address** ULTIMATE AI BASE is divided into 3 bases. Each base is located in different areas of the map. After you beat the first base you are able to teleport to the next base. You gotta activate 3 triggers to move to the next base. This server is loaded with secrets and fun stuff. There's a new server owner. UNCLE TOM He is elderly and mature like a wizard. It's a fair server with great admins. The admins don't PvP and they don't play the game for you. There are NO donor perks or pay to win. Ask about a FREE starter kit.
  5. Caveman

    [Release] Alien Landing

    That will be what's coming next. It would be much better as a mission for sure. I don't know what to do about using the teleport. The coords would have to be set to where ever the mission spawned. So it would be changing. I have a mission called Secret Bunker that is kind of like this Alien Landing. At the Secret Bunker a water well spawns in with some Ai guarding it. You kill the Ai and then scroll on the well and teleports you to a secret bunker. The tele is the only way inside...without glitching. The loot spawns in the secret bunker with the mission. What has stopped me from releasing these types of missions is how people can just glitch into the bunker and skip the Ai. The only workaround I have for that is "the teleport dome to hell", but still testing that atm.
  6. -BACKUP YOUR FILES BEFORE ADDING THIS MESS OF A SCRIPT. -YOU MUST HAVE YOUR OWN AI SYSTEM INSTALLED, AND A CUSTOM COMPILES FOR THE fn_selfActions.sqf -YOU MUST ALSO DISABLE ANTI-TELEPORT (MAYBE). WHAT IS ALIEN LANDING? ======================================================= Files to edit fn_selfActions.sqf mission.sqm mission.sqf (in server pbo...DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus <--this folder) ======================================================= INSTRUCTIONS 1. ADDING THE AI BASE BUILDINGS AND OBJECTS C. Repack your server PBO 2. ADDING SCROLL OPTIONS TO OBJECTS 3. ADDING THE MAP MARKER 4. ADDING THE SENSORS C. Scroll down and below class Item4 add this 5. ADDING THE TELEPORT AND THE PERIMETER BOMB 6. ADDING THE AI 7. ADDING THE CUSTOM LOOT CRATE B. Unpack your server PBO C. Open up server_functions.sqf inside your server PBO dayz_server/init/server_functions.sqf D. At the very bottom paste this execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\crates\crates.sqf"; 8. DOWNLOAD LINK 9. EDITING BE FILTERS <----TEST IT OUT HERE IF YOU LIKE Launch Parameter= [email protected];@DayZ_Epoch THESE ARE NOT MY SCRIPTS ITS A MIXTURE OTHER PEOPLES WORK AND FORUM TOPICS. ALL I DID WAS PUT THEM TOGETHER TO MAKE THIS AI BASE. -I gotta go through all of this and figure out where each piece of script came from so I can give proper credit. CREDITS
  7. Maybe you teleported to it? missions sometimes wont clear if you TP to them I fixed the skins and the dirt pile at junkyard. uploaded the fixes just now. Also the alien mission/event/base will be released later today. There are a few variations that's why I call it a mission/event/base. -a shitty mission -or a spawnable admin event -or a mini Ai base at nwaf with a teleport machine that moves you into a tiny room inside the shitty alien ship where the loot box is located. When you scroll on the exit it will TP you to 1 out of 5 random locations around nwaf (because you damn well know people are gonna camp that shit,, :ph34r: -There's also a scroll option to bomb the shit out of the Ai base via airdrop. -you can take it further by adding that nuke script. I have a less laggy version without the ash and dust storm.... just pm me and ask for it. if you want to add this to the mission/event/base
  8. TK_GUE_Soldier_Warlord_EP1 <---- this skin causes errors. I don't know why. Try these ones. They're jst standard epoch wearable cloths. GUE_Soldier_Crew_DZ GUE_Soldier_Sniper_DZ GUE_Soldier_2_DZ ...etc Here's the link http://epochmod.gamepedia.com/A2Epoch:More_Wearable_Clothing I have new missions coming so I'll upload the latest minor fixes with the new missions latest minor fixes = junkyard dirt pile is too high & Ai skins new missions = secret bunker, meteor, UFO landing, and Where's Waldo.