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  1. ya, you should be able to go into the globalsoldierdata.sqf and simply remove the award values. [ ["RESPECT", -1000], ["RESCUEGROUP", 500], ["RESCUETABS", 250] ] change to [ ] If that won't work, look in \FuMS\HC\AI\AIKilled.sqf. or ...\PayPlayer.sqf. In there you should find the code that calls the FuMS_fnc_HC_AI_PayPlayer routine. You can comment that out.
  2. @ReDBaroN, Hey, I have not touched the EPOCH code on this mod in a long while now. There may have been something that changed with how EPOCH is handling Krypto... If you are seeing a message, I'm pretty sure it did work at some point. I would not have pushed a public release with something like that broken (at least not on purpose :) ).
  3. prue420, Those icons are part of the AI logic defined in the mission file. Try switching the 'trackroute' logic to 'patrolroute' See the Docs/MissionFile.htm if you need more specifics.
  4. Second Coming, FuMS currently only integrates into Epoch with respect to vehicle preservation and crypto. It may just work with other mods, but some errors will get generated in the .rpt. I would like to make FuMS usable across other mods, just need to find the time to condition statement up the parts of the code that rely on Epoch variables.
  5. He-Man, I think having his 'set damage' to zero should prevent that. Let me know if you see it again. I am in the middle of a rebuild at home, so my test/dev server is sitting cold iron in the closet atm.
  6. akep, Log in as admin on your server. Do you see the HC in the list of players? If you do, send me a copy of your HC's .rpt file and your server .rpt and I'll take a look and see if it is anything obvious :) -Horbin
  7. Second Coming, I'll check it out. Probably has something to do with the new LogicBomb code. Possibly some control loops are not terminating when a mission ends. Thanks!
  8. FuMS\HC\AI\SpawnSoldier.sqf - remove line 167, replace with the following: if (TypeName (_gear select 0) == "STRING") then { _unit addPrimaryWeaponItem (_gear select 0);} else { if ([_gear select 0] call FuMS_fnc_HC_Loot_AddIt) then{ _unit addPrimaryWeaponItem (WeaponAttachments_Optics call BIS_fnc_selectRandom);}; //scopes }; \FuMS\HC\Val\VerifySoldier.sqf change line 99 to: if (TypeName _x != "SCALAR" and TypeName _x !="STRING") exitWith {_abort=true; _msg=format ["%1should be an array of 3 numbers between 0-1.0. The 1st number may also be a string. found %1",_dat3];}; With the above changes, you can now designate a specific scope in each AI type's definition located in the GlobalSoldierData.sqf. Just replace the number with the name of the scope you want. Ex: [ 1, .3. 0] change to ["optic_tws", .3. 0] There is no option to 'turn off' the AI clean-up protection if the AI is detecting a player. If you want to remove this behavior, comment out the following lines in \FuMS\HC\MsnCtrol\LogicBomb\RemoveDecayObjects.sqf Line 51, 152 (both of these lines should now look like // _enemy = _x findNearestEnemy _x; ) Hope that helps!
  9. He-Man, That should be doing it. The 4th number is the spot distance, and the 5th the spotTime. Try setting both of those to 1.0 and see if that helps. Also, the settings that are in the BaseServer.sqf are global override settings. If the value in the BaseServer.sqf is anything other than 0.0, the value in the BaseServer.sqf is used instead of the value for the individual AI located in the SoldierData.sqf. The only other thing I could see being the issue is that the weather conditions are possibly limiting the AI?
  10. Korwiin, Try changing the offset for the loot from [0,0] to the exact location you want using 3D coords. Hopefully that will do the trick. Failing that, try changing line 77 of \FuMS\HC\Loot\FillLoot.sqf to the following: _box = createVehicle [_boxtype, _pos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; hopefully one of those gets you what you need.
  11. He-Man, Thanks. I agree. Korwiin, I like how you are trying to use FuMS to get it done though! ;) The 3D point generating the error...that is a problem. I will check it out.
  12. Korwiin, When the captives are spawned, the are side="EAST". The Arma3 setCaptive is used to keep AI from killing them. I think this function sets the 'side' of those captives to "CIVILIAN". This should help too, because lowunitcount, "EAST" will include male players :) See if using "CIVILIAN" vs "EAST" produces better results. -Horbin
  13. Motorui, Looks like the class name used by the raptors mod has changed. I will have to look to see what it was changed too, but if you figure that out, you can look in FuMS\HC\AI\SpawnSoldier.sqf line 49 and 50 and make the changes there. That will fix the error. Until it is fixed, you can just turn off the Jurasic theme by commenting it out of the BaseServer.sqf.
  14. I'll take a look at it. Should be working. Take a look at your HC .rpt also. If AI are engaged/detect players they WILL NOT get cleaned up until they go 3 minutes w/o seeing a player. Is this maybe the case?
  15. He-Man, When a parent mission ends, it should clean up all its children.
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