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  1. SpiRe

    New Melee weapon.

    Its not that long when you didn't approved and criticized modded servers and also official server could be only the Vanilla server while one of your servers violated that.
  2. SpiRe

    Exile server

    Maybe your Epoch addons are corrupted. Are you using the latest version? What is the version of the server? I saw many servers that have old patch version.
  3. SpiRe

    Exile or Epoch

    This topic should be deleted.
  4. SpiRe

    Dayz standalone moving to a new engine

    Well some Russian communities made even better DayZ SA repack than orignal game. https://forum.ragezone.com/f866/
  5. SpiRe

    [AllinOne] MAS Weapons, Vehicles

    I made a list of loaded addons and choosed the ones for the MAS weapons... ( used it on my server as admin script and spawned all kind of weapons and vehicles and then exec the script ) http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?187986-How-to-enforce-reguired-mods-on-server Easy way is but you will not catch mods like blastcore : place in the editor ammo, boxes units from the addons / mods. Complex way but will work!: 1. Start your arma 3 with logs enabled. 2. open up the mission in the editor 3. Click Preview 4. press escape and in the Code box (http://i.imgur.com/eaooJdu.jpg) enter this code { diag_log format["Addon: '%1'", _x]; } foreach activatedaddons; 5. Open your latest RPT (can be found here: %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Arma 3) 6. Cut all that starts with "Addon: " (http://i.imgur.com/2H6ZVQQ.png) and paste in a new window. 7. Then get rid of the unneeded info with http://i.imgur.com/BDvq0PU.png (.* ') and http://i.imgur.com/BDvq0PU.png ('") using the replace funktion. 8. Bring that in the right format with http://i.imgur.com/OlFqJV7.png (find ^ replace with ") and http://i.imgur.com/pk6py8D.png (find $ replace with ",) and then remove in the last line the , 9. Add this code in the mission.sqm to Addons and addonsauto 10. enjoy. They may be even easier ways that are not that complex but yeah. if you have questions add me on skype : nevada13589
  6. SpiRe

    [AllinOne] MAS Weapons, Vehicles

    Links restored
  7. SpiRe

    [WIP] SQF DeObfuscation Tool

    Links restored
  8. SpiRe

    BANs shared Database

  9. SpiRe

    Fulcrum Mission System v2.1a

    Well since you stole my stuff i banned all of you and have everything that is not public on the server side :). And it's really shame that second server in our country is filled with copy pasters like you :). Atleast you admitted that you stole, that's all i needed. --- I made a topic with shared bans, so if anyone didn't want them on their server .
  10. SpiRe

    Fulcrum Mission System v2.1a

    I would help you if your admin friends didn't steal stuff from other servers at first place.. ( From Reminiscence.cz and Second coming's EpochYorkshire.co.uk ).. :)
  11. SpiRe

    [DB Save Error] Latest two redisserver.exe

    thanks, but my pagefile is 5GB large and set to 4-8
  12. SpiRe

    HC gender bypass

    gender is auto selected after 30 sec
  13. SpiRe

    [DB Save Error] Latest two redisserver.exe

    With lack of mysql presence i think im done with epoch because of redis and i really wont do wipe every time when "something went wrong"
  14. SpiRe

    [DB Save Error] Latest two redisserver.exe

    Redis either says that crashed or just not saving dump ( console log is the same in every case ) also a3 epoch + redis is still running but not saving data... dump is corrupted then and crashes redis server in about a half hour Even with restarts.